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Handwritten e-Signature

Eliminates work with paper documents without changing established processes. The technology enables the combining of various methods of signing and offers a hybrid system for signing documents anywhere.


Application as a sales tool

More effective sales and reduced use of paper at the point of sale. The user can access information from pre-defined sources without changing the application.


Customer zone

Facilitates communication with the customer and enables the storage of digitally signed documents in one place with unlimited access.


Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM)

MES/MOM platform enables a company to achieve operational excellence through intelligent manufacturing and shop-floor management.


Warehouse Management and Order Fulfillment (WMS/WES)

The advanced WMS/WES system solution ensures fast, accurate, and error-free in-plant logistics with inventory, order, and warehouse management automation.


Smart Enterprise Transformation (IoT/AI)

By automating decision-making processes and managing enterprise resources autonomously, Smart Industry EMANS increases operational intelligence. Solution improves overall enterprise performance by deploying a smart factory concept.


External Inbound Logistics

Software solution for transportation control optimally manages transport of freely loaded materials or commodities while significantly reduces number of downtime and ensures better utilization of vehicles.


Internal Logistics

Software solution to optimize logistics processes in manufacturing industry. MOM system evaluates, controls, manages and reports movement of material and products in an enterprise.


Green Transportation

Solution integrates all parts of electro mobility, including network of charging stations and battery exchange, energy for cars’ traction, cars themselves, and central information system integrating these.


Tailor-made Software

Software development and development of software applications have exactly defined methodic for all their phases, covering each category of activities related to analysis, specification, testing, and support.


Integration Solutions

Integration is often designed to be enterprise-wide solution. It may be designed to provide a data abstraction layer, which in turn will be used by individual core data integration implementation.


Customers’ Portals

Benefit from experience in developing secure portals for banks and the general public with high usage, intranet portals with rich functionality, and open-portals integrating functionality of many systems.


Database Security – protect important data in your databases

Protecting company data requires heightened attention to the databases. Our solution is to monitor all of the activities of regular and privileged users, which provide immediate information on attacks and suspicious transactions.


Data Leakage Prevention – don’t allow anyone to misuse sensitive information and data

You can effectively protect against data leakage by using our DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) solution. We will propose advice regarding solutions, implementation and technical support during its operation.


Web Application Firewall – protect your web applications

Attacks on web applications are directed towards their data and the firm‘s databases and gaining control over their content. Our solution provides reliable protection of web applications.


Next Generation Firewall – multi-level protection of the perimeter

Every business, regardless of it size, needs to defend against malware and to protect its network. The integrated Next Generation Firewall protects your business network against inside and outside attacks and serious security threats through our UTM – Unified Threat Management solution.


SIEM – security information and event management

An equipment report log is the source of valuable information for IT security operations. Our SIEM technology will help you to effectively manage this vast amount of data. It collects data in real time and only records relevant security events.


Web Security – protect your network against harmful codes

Our web defense protects users from harmful codes while downloading files and manages web access. This solution, which is based on the finest technology, precisely identifies zero-day malware and other harmful activities.


Security Solutions

Materialized as separate projects or as part of complex information systems deliveries, with focus on Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Infrastructure Security, Data Security and its Services.


Identity Management

Primarily designed for big companies with number of applications. It is a security solution which enables centralized administration of users and their access rights to use diverse systems and applications.


IT Outsourcing

Process of contracting 3rd party to manage IT processes and systems outside the organization. SME companies use outsourcing for management of partial infrastructure or comprehensive IT management.