IT Security Solution

Protect Your Important Data

Users of modern information technology are increasingly confronted with sophisticated and aggressive threats of various types.  Software and IT security managed by a team of ANASOFT professionals is our specialty.

Our portfolio of security solutions covers the most threatened parts of your infrastructure and your data.  They protect you and your clients from the advancing IT threats.  We know how to protect your money, data and reputation. 


DECEUS - Cyber Deception TechnologyDECEUS is a deception based threat intelligence system which distributes monitored decoys and traps. When an attacker attempts to exploit a deception trap, network administrators are notified in real-time. 

Deception traps never put real IT infrastructure at risk. Cyber attack efforts are instead diverted from mission-critical systems. 

Database Security – monitor and protect access to your data

Database Activity Monitoring - ANASOFTWhen protecting your data you should pay heightened attention to the places where they are stored – databases, data repositories and file servers...

You can have a perfect overview of the activities of users with data which will allow you to quickly and precisely identify the location of any data leak and to defend against it. 

DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) – prevent the misuse of sensitive information

Prevent the Misuse of Sensitive Information - DLP Data Leakage PreventionIf you handle data that is valuable or relates to your business or legislation, any leak and subsequent misuse of sensitive information can bring dire results.

Our DLP - Data Leakage Prevention solution can effectively protect you against these threats related to data in cloud, the company’s network or elsewhere.  

WAF – Web Application Firewall – protect your web applications

Protect Your Web Applications - ANASOFTThese days, increasingly sophisticated web application attacks are being designed to steal data from these apps and company databases, control their content and block access. 

You too can obtain independent protection of your web applications against DdoS attacks and hackers.

PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 – security standards

Security Standards - ANASOFTVarious regulations require that firms demonstrate their ability to protect sensitive data, but in order to protect sensitive data, you must first identify and classify them. 

Only then can you ensure that your data is only available to persons with the appropriate access rights.  Everything must be documented, and at ANASOFT, we can help. 

Next Generation Firewall – protection perimeter

Next Generation FirewallEvery company, from small offices to huge data centers, needs protection against malware.

ANASOFT has solutions for clients of every size and stripe.  The new generation of integrated firewalls, which is part of the UTM - Unified Threat Management system protects against attacks on your network and your company.

ICS/SCADA –  protection in the field of industry

Protection in the Field of Industry ICS/SCADA ANASOFTWe know how to provide protection in industrial settings against attacks and intentional and unintentional actions of internal users. 

Our solution with the broadest support of SCADA protocols and combined with strengthened constructions of specialized equipment will help to protect you against unwanted production stoppage.

SIEM – management of security information and events

Management of Security Information and Events - SIEMEquipment report logs are sources of valuable information in the management of software security.  They provide immediate information on suspicious network activities, but without further processing they would be of no use.  

The effective use of this vast amount of data will help you with solutions that can only be achieved with relevant security events. 

Web Security – protect your network against harmful codes

Web Security - ANASOFTThe structure and functioning of web pages have become extremely dynamic and their content is designed for the entire community.  This has also given rise to harmful codes which reach users through the web.

 A quality and secure web gateway will protect your users against harmful codes during the downloading of files and will allow you to control web access.