Anasoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner


ANASOFT is a long-standing Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has achieved the highest level of partnership with Microsoft in several certified areas: Application Development, Collaboration & Content.

Innovations in administration of premises as the key topics at DOMUS conferences 2019


ANASOFT organized another year of conferences for management companies and housing associations. The information system users experienced two days of interesting lectures and workshops on the latest generation of the software for administration of premises. The upcoming latest version of the information software - DOMUS X - was introduced at the conference. It brings a sophisticated user interface, many minor improvements and interesting news.

LOG-IN 2019: Digital Twin and Logistics Automation


The purpose of the logistics forum, LOG-IN, is to support innovations in the logistics industry, thereby motivating industry professionals to innovate more. The upcoming 16th edition of the forum will focus on the latest technologies transforming the logistics industry, successful innovative projects, and new trends.

The latest generation of property management software


The programme of the 13th edition of conferences, which will take place in October in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will contain the latest trends and the most interesting functionalities of the information software for the management of residential and non-residential premises. All customers, who manage their premises in the DOMUS information system, which is the management market leader, are invited.

Let’s Expect Unexpected 2019: Smart Transformation and Intelligent Warehouse Logistics


What impact has growing digitalization had on enterprises and logistics? How are warehouse and logistics processes changing? In the near future, what challenges will enterprises and distribution centers face?

The Register of Entities Providing Assistance to Victims of Crime helps the most vulnerable


The Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic has made available on its website the Register of Entities Providing Assistance to Victims of Crime in accordance with the Victims of Crime Act. The Register offers a quickly accessible list of places where people in need can turn to when seeking professional assistance. The Register helps abused women and their children, victims of crime, police officers, prosecutors, or social centres.

Digitizing Brazilian healthcare with Signatus


ANASOFT, a leading Slovak software company, contributes to digitization of Brazilian healthcare sector with its electronic signature product Signatus. It facilitates the patient registration process and collection of patient consent in a completely digital and paperless way.

Learn the legal status of judicial decisions, even from home


The Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic recently launched the Register of Confirmations (Clauses) of Legal Force and Enforceability of Judicial Decisions on its website. Thanks to this new Register, prepared by the software company ANASOFT, citizens no longer have to verify the legal force of judicial decisions with the court; they can do so simply by connecting themselves through their computer or tablet.

ANASOFT Named One Of The Top 3 Logistics Projects Innovators


The intelligent intralogistics project by Smart Industry solution EMANS by ANASOFT has been named one of the top three logistics project innovations of the year 2018.

LOG-IN 2019: Logistics Automation and Digital Twin


The logistics forum, LOG-IN, brings annually relevant case studies while considering the latest innovative technologies and projects in logistics and supply chain management. New trends and technologies will be front and center of the upcoming 13th edition as well.