Innovative solutions from ANASOFT

Permanent development, that’s ANASOFT’s philosophy. In certain specific areas, ANASOFT creates new standards while also supporting internal research and development projects.

Our philosophy at ANASOFT is to always be improving. It is based on investment in research and development in various fields of our portfolio: neural networks, machine learning algorithms, the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things, biometric authentication and cybersecurity.  

ANASOFT creates new standards and supports internal research and development projects in specific areas.

Artificial intelLigence

Progressive operational dispatching

Automation of decision-making processes for effective work planning and resource scheduling in real-time through machine learning algorithms and neural networks.  

Dynamic slotting

Predictive analysis of upcoming trends in sales using machine learning. Improved efficiency of expediting customer orders through dynamic warehouse reorganization.  

Collective intelligence

Automation of logistics management run by multi-agent systems through the use of active and cognitive virtual agents. 


Prognostic analysis in logistics

Prognostic supply analytics to prevent failures and downtime in the supply chain. 

Predictive analytics in manufacturing

Analyzing historical data to predict the occurrence of errors, manufacturing downtime and delays. Notifying employees of possible emergency situations and automatically changing the order of the manufacturing sequence. 

Predictive maintenance

Use of statistics and data mining models to identify optimal strategies for the maintenance of manufacturing equipment. 


Touchless gesture control

Image processing and object recognition for the touchless control of production technologies through gestures. 3D scanning of movements for standardized training of operators. 

Control through dynamic visual elements

Standardization and optimization of workflow, implementation of Poka Yoke principles and enhancement of employees' ergonomic comfort through dynamic control modules such as Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Point and Andon.

Augmented reality

Dynamic visualization of relevant data and information in the production environment.  

Long-distance communication / PAPERLESS OFFICE

Offline electronic signature

Digital document offline processing and electronic signing guarantees secure legal interaction with clients anywhere.  

Browser-based signing

Online solution for signing digital documents through internet browser without any additional installation. 

Personalized signature process

A unique extension providing a configurable appearance and functionality for the electronic signature application. 

Electronic signature with a biometric record

Electronic signature with recorded pen inclination, or pressure, determines the authenticity in the same manner as with a signature on paper.


Remote monitoring of wireless meters

Inspection of power consumption through long-distance meter readings. Collection, assessment and data transmission and notification to homeowners.   

Space management through mobile applications

Immediate access to data and modification of data through smart phones or tablets.  

Electronic mail

Complete agenda from the building manager for the homeowner in electronic form sent by email or hybrid mail. 

Mobile application for homeowners

Access to all information about the apartment, house or building manager through the mobile application.