Digital transformation


We provide various digital transformation solutions through the SIGNATUS –electronicsignature technology, which eliminates work with paper-based documentation and makes established processes more effective. 

The technology allows for the digital signing of documents via native applications available for Android/Windows/iOS systems or directly in the web browser of the device (tablet, mobile phone, notebook, PC). Electronicsigning methods can be combined to form a hybrid system for signing documents anywhere. Documents can be signed at a retail point of sale on a signpad, in the field on a tablet and in the comfort of your home on a smartphone.

Electronic signing is an ideal solution for eliminating paper from processes that require legally binding consent. It offers flexibility in the setting of functionalities and design and allows for the recording of biometric features of signatures (pressure, pen inclination, writing speed, pen motion speed, stroke direction) for assessment of concordance by graphologists. The safety and integrity of data entered in electronic documents are ensured by encoding.

The technology complies with eIDAS and GDPR regulations and is integrable through interfaces which support the exchange of documents and system integration.


Customer contact locations are also gradually undergoing digital transformation. The main goal of the digitalization of retail locations is to increase sales effectiveness and decrease paper consumption. With this in mind, we have created a solution which provides sales support on tablets.

The solution is available on Android/Windows platforms and enables the user to access information from pre-defined sources (webpages, documents, applications, videos...) without changing the application environment. The use of the solution itself is adapted to the functional and design requirements of the client in the implementation project.


  • Products and services presentation
  • Employee navigation during the sales cycle
  • Documents signing
  • Launching of help-desk applications
  • Establishing and displaying process settings for different users


  • Immediate presentation of new products, services in sales outlets
  • Reduction of costs for the printing of documents and advertising materials
  • Quick integration of employees into the sales cycle
  • Instrument for evaluating the success of the sales process


We have created a solution for the authorization of digital documents which, through the use of advanced electronic signatures (SMS, pin code, token, password, possibly fingerprint), can express unambiguous agreement with the content of the document. This form of advanced electronic signature fully complies with eIDAS regulations and can be used for the electronic signing of various types of documents.

The advantage of this solution is its easy integration into existing interfaces and the use of one’s own devices on the side of the client or the customer.


We offer a digital transformation solution which facilitates communication with customers and enables the storage of digitally signed documents in one place, the customer zone, with unlimited access.

The customer zone offers customers up-to-date information about purchased products, services and novelties through its integration into a company’s backend systems.