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You probably protect mission-critical systems using a carefully monitored security perimeter. However, data and your IT infrastructure will always act as a lure for determined hackers. DECEUS bolsters network security using deception based decoys. Hackers stumble upon deception targets and focus cyber attack efforts on network decoys, not mission-critical systems and databases.


Invisible to the attacker

The bait is essentially undetectable by attackers.

Minimum number of false alarms

Practically zero false alarms, warnings are based on real activity.

Simple implementation

Comprehensive installation of DECEUS technology in as little as 4 weeks.

In compliance with standards

Meets the demands of standards and legislation, for example ISO-27001.

Employs existing technology

Maximum employment of client’s existing systems for monitoring and software distribution.

Real time protection

Immediately reports suspicious activity, which considerably reduces damage caused by the attack.



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