advanced warehouse management system and smart logistics

The solution of intelligent logistics EMANS ensures fast, timely and correct internal logistics together with dynamic inventory and warehouse management. The system strengthens the resilience of the material flow of the company. Logistics operation management adapts to prevailing circumstances and business priorities through scalable functionality of:

  • Intelligent warehouse, delivery and inventory management - Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Execution System (WES),
  • Just-in-Time operational strategy
  • Dynamic Milk-Run (Milk-Run 4.0) and e-Kanban
  • Autonomously controlled synchronous flows

intelligent manufacturing and shopfloor management

Innovative platform for intelligent manufacturing management helps the company achieve operational excellence:

  • Streamlining management of manufacturing processes
  • Improving agility of operational and process management
  • Boosting performance of manufacturing equipment and tools
  • Shortening manufacturing cycles
  • Providing predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment and tools
  • Assuring conformity of manufacturing methods and product quality

digitalisation 4.0

Stay on top of your company’s status and ongoing performance through Smart Industry platform EMANS. With EMANS, your company will be fully integrated with a comprehensive infrastructure for the digitalization of manufacturing and supply chain processes. The system obtains relevant data on a range of enterprise resources based on which it creates a digital image of the enterprise. Such virtualization of enterprise data then allows:

  • a detailed overview of what is happening in the company through real-time monitoring and reporting,
  • to automatically generate digital birth certificates of manufactured products or dispatched orders,
  • to create synergies between sales planning and management of operational processes by integrating business data with production data,
  • to extract more value from business data thanks to sophisticated analytics and thus contribute to the optimization of overall process management,
  • to accelerate the decision-making processes through in-depth data analysis and immediate availability of relevant documents, records, and reports in digital form,
  • to integrate legacy (non-IoT) equipment and systems into the company´s Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Smart Transformation

The cyber-manufacturing management platform EMANS employs digital twin technology and artificial intelligence, enabling it to take your enterprise’s automation to the next level. In addition to automating the decision-making processes of supervisors and shift leaders, the EMANS system offers an extension of the company's operational intelligence and improvement of the overall performance of the shop floor. The concept of a smart factory includes:

  • Advanced manufacturing planning and scheduling: preparation, management, and optimization of work tasks and production procedures according to current business priorities, balanced utilization of manufacturing resources through advanced scheduling of planned production operations
  • Dynamic manufacturing management:  MES/MOM module of the system EMANS controls shop floor activities to optimize manufacturing performance, manages and controls manufacturing tasks in real-time, automatically synchronizes manufacturing equipment to eliminate unplanned downtimes, evaluates the availability of resources and automatically adjusts production plans,
  • Inventory management: planning and control of material supply for manufacturing processes and management of semi-finished products transfers between workstations, material quality control, inventory monitoring, and its automatic replenishment
  • Asset maintenance management: predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance of production equipment and tools, condition monitoring, asset management
  • Quality management: quality control of materials and finished products, compliance with approved manufacturing methods and procedures, preventing downtimes in the manufacturing flow and shop floor
  • Labor management: automation of manufacturing task scheduling for operators in real-time, optimization of task management on the shop floor, assuring the conformity of manufacturing procedures and production workstations, synchronization of manufacturing processes and intralogistics

new level of intelligent enterprise automation

Smart Industry platform EMANS as a new generation operations management system brings to the company the key features of the fourth industrial revolution - interconnection of enterprise resources, process agility, and operational intelligence. As an intelligent solution for manufacturing and supply chain management, EMANS adapts to the company's requirements for effective fulfillment of business goals and operating cost optimization.

Porsche Supplier Award 2010

Award LOG-IN 2018

(Project Innovation of the Year)

Schnellecke Innovation Award 2014

Award LOG-IN 2020

(Project Innovation of the Year)





Smart Industry solution EMANS intelligently manages the company's technological, material, human, data, and system resources to achieve the best possible operational performance and expand the enterprise's intelligence.

  • Increasing productivity without changing manufacturing equipment and processes
  • Downtime elimination 
  • Improving manufacturing capacity
  • Increasing product quality without changing processes and equipment
  • Improving the timeliness and accuracy of material and order deliveries
  • Accelerating processes of material and order picking and improving its quality

„In Dedoles, we planned a massive international expansion, for which we needed to be adopted not solely to marketing, but especially all inventory and warehousing processes. Thanks to Anasoft's intelligent warehouse execution management system and warehouse logistics solutions, we are efficiently running multi-channel retail for 20 European countries.“

Jaroslav Chrapko, CEO, Dedoles

„The intelligent logistics system EMANS controls complex warehousing processes in our distribution center, ensuring that every customer order is picked up within a few minutes. Fresh fruit and vegetables shipped in volumes of up to 28,000 crates per day are thus delivered unto store counters within 24 hours after the harvest at local growers.“

Daniel Sabel, Project Director, HORTIM

„Thanks to the new operations management system EMANS from ANASOFT, we could expand our portfolio of 3,000 different items of fresh food as well as pick large-volume orders for B2B customers and low-item orders for households with same-day delivery in annual volumes of over 50,000 tons.“

Stanislav Petrula, CEO LUNYS Bratislava

„The system EMANS from ANASOFT manages the supply of material for the largest domestic automotive factory plant in real-time, the exact deliveries of the right components are ready for dispatch unto the production lines within 17 minutes of placing the order.“

Ľuboš Konopeus, IT Manager, Schnellecke Logistics Europe

„As a Tier 1 supplier for the largest automotive companies, we guarantee the highest conformity of wheel assembly parameters on our autonomous production line with an average production cycle of 20 seconds per a finished wheel. The detailed traceability of all manufactured wheels and their technical parameters are monitored and detailed by EMANS MES, which also ensures the conformity of all production parameters alongside the precise and timely fulfillment of the production plan.“

Tomáš Halenár, Manufacturing Manager, EUROFIT GROUP

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