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Zero-fault production

Create from every workstation a POKA-YOKE workstation. If there’s such a process or equipment installed, helping an operator avoid (yoke) mistakes (poka), the workstation lowers the risk to output a faulty product. By early detection of potential mistakes; by permanent sensoric control of operator’s activity; and many more, the final output from the production line will never be a scrap.

Perfection in assembly

EMANS presents perfection in assembly securing concept. It covers control of machines, tools and operators at workstations in discrete manufacturing. EMANS is integrated with both IT and automation systems. By providing clear electronic distribution, visualization and execution of instructions on workstation, you may gain new perspective on production possibilities.


EMANS measures, gathers and archives production data in form of the product’s digital birth-certificates and makes them visually accessible to all participants involved in the production process. The production data take multiple of forms and formats. Useful is the capability to generate readable and printable documents, which are retroactively searchable and the object of the search fully traceable.