Digital transformation

Signatus is an award-winning solution for digital document processing, data distribution and electronic signing.

The ultimate tool to navigate towards paperless office and accelerate full scale digital transformation.

intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management 

Digital transformation of businesses under the fourth industrial revolution. ANASOFT provides for the digitization and automation of manufacturing processes through the Smart Industry solution – manufacturing operation system – built on the Industry 4.0 principles.

The extensive functionality of this system allows for effective planning, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of individual operations and processes within the manufacturing flow with access to manufacturing data in real-time.

Property Management and Heat Production

Our solutions in the field of property management focus on managing apartments and non-residential premises in apartment buildings.

Our DOMUS system has been designed to effectively manage residential properties (electronic billing and rent calculation  and other electronic communication), the monitoring of payments by apartment owners and the recovery of outstanding payments, the breakdown of common costs (online control of energy consumption), the monitoring of...

Software Development

We create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer requirements and thus able to meet the customers individual needs so that our solutions are both useful and helpful.

Software development and development of software applications have exactly defined methodic for all their phases, covering each category of activities related to analysis, specification, testing and support...

IT Security Solution

Users of modern information technology are increasingly confronted with sophisticated and aggressive threats of various types.  Software and IT security managed by a team of ANASOFT professionals is our specialty.

Our portfolio of security solutions covers the most threatened parts of your infrastructure and your data.  They protect you and your clients from the advancing IT threats.  We know how to protect your money, data and reputation. ..

IT Services

Our highly qualified team of experts in various areas of IT can prepare designs for optimizing the IT infrastructure that reflect the client’s possibilities and objectives. 

All of our IT infrastructure and security solutions comes with professional implementation services carried out by our trained and certified experts. Thanks to them, our clients can rely on the fact that the solution they selected will serve them reliably and fully achieve its potential.