How to Digitalize Pharmaceutical Logistics for Seamless Operations


Pharmaceutical logistics is a complex process that demands precision, reliability, and strict adherence to regulations. Any shortcomings can result in legal penalties and jeopardize patient health.

Customer Onboarding in the Digital Age: How ECM Systems Enhance the Customer Experience


Customer onboarding is a crucial part of the business process that can determine a company's success or failure. Digitalizing this process has become essential as customers increasingly expect fast, efficient, and seamless services from their first interaction with the company.

Sales 4.0: Transforming Sales with Digital POS Systems


Digitalized POS systems also support an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to seamlessly transition between online and offline channels. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also opens up new opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Criminalistics and Forensics Institute: We Have Been Analysing Digital Signatures Since 2012


Digital signature is rapidly becoming a new norm not only in business but also in everyday administration. What exactly are DVPs, and can we be sure they are safe?

10 Finalists in Anasoft Litera 2024 Bring Mostly Works of Veteran Authors


Ten nominated books for the Anasoft Litera literary prize were selected from more than 140 reviewed works of prose. The finalists will be presented at the litera fest, which will take place from June 17 to 20, 2024, in Bratislava and online, with the winner receiving a prize of 10,000 euros from ANASOFT.

Top 6 Trends to Watch in 2024 in Digital Transformation and Enterprise Management


In 2024, companies will need to adapt to rapid changes in technologies, accelerated by the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), leading to dynamically shifting market conditions and growing customer demands.

Mastering Document Management: Effective Strategies to Tame Chaos in Enterprise Documents


Misunderstandings arise in every company when working with documents. If you seem to be constantly inundated with piles of documents, emails, presentations and various digital materials at work, then it's very likely that you're in the midst of content chaos.

Exploring 2024's Top 5 Digital Healthcare and Med-Tech Trends


Healthcare will continue undergoing dynamic digital transformation in 2024. This development is influenced by several key factors, including rapid progress in technological innovations, demographic changes, a growing emphasis on the efficiency and safety of healthcare, as well as changes in patient expectations.

Top 6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Software


Discover whether your software is holding back your company's productivity and security. Understanding the signs of outdated systems is crucial in determining the need for replacement, ensuring your business stays efficient and secure.

Optimizing Data Quality: Mastering the Essentials of Data Management (MDM)


Explore strategies to elevate data's impact and fortify decision-making processes in the business realm.

Revolutionize Your Retail: 4 Proven Strategies to Enhance Logistics Efficiency


Nowadays, the retail sector is constantly on the move and competition between retail companies is on the rise. In order for retail businesses to survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, it is essential to have efficient logistics and reliable supply chain processes.

Transform Now: Top 5 Benefits of Immediate Digitalization in Manufacturing


Postponing digitalization could be silently draining your shopfloor's efficiency and profitability more than you might realize.