Intelligent Operations and Supply Chain Management

intelligent manufacturing and shopfloor management

Innovative platform for intelligent manufacturing management helps the company achieve operational excellence:

  • Streamlining manufacturing processes management 
  • Improving operational and process management agility 
  • Boosting manufacturing equipment and tools performance 
  • Shortening manufacturing cycles
  • Providing predictive maintenance for equipment and tools
  • Assuring manufacturing methods and product quality conformity 

supply chain automation

The solution of intelligent logistics EMANS ensures fast, precise, on-time, and correct internal logistics together with dynamic inventory and warehouse management. The system strengthens the resilience of the material flow of the company. Logistics operation management adapts to prevailing circumstances and business priorities through scalable functionality of:

  • Intelligent warehouse, delivery, and inventory management - Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Execution System (WES),
  • Just-in-Time operational strategy
  • Dynamic Milk-Run (Milk-Run 4.0) and e-Kanban
  • Autonomously controlled synchronous flows

digitalization 4.0

Stay on top of your company’s status and ongoing performance with the Smart Industry platform EMANS. The system obtains relevant data on a range of enterprise resources based on which it creates a digital image of the enterprise. Such virtualization of enterprise data then allows:

  • real-time monitoring and reporting,
  • digital birth certificates to be generated automatically,
  • integrating business data with production data for precise operational process management,
  • extracting higher value from business data,
  • accelerating decision-making processes,
  • immediate availability of relevant documents, records, and reports in digital form,
  • integrating legacy (non-IoT) equipment and systems into the enterprise´s Internet of Things (IoT) network.

smart enterprise transformation

The cyber-manufacturing management platform EMANS employs digital twin technology and artificial intelligence, enabling it to take your enterprise’s automation to the next level. In addition to automating the decision-making processes of supervisors and shift leaders, the EMANS system offers an extension of the company's operational intelligence and improvement of the overall performance of the shop floor. The concept of a smart factory includes:

  • Advanced manufacturing planning and scheduling
  • Dynamic manufacturing management
  • Inventory management
  • Asset maintenance management
  • Quality management
  • Labor management

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