Software Development

Development of custom software

ANASOFT is one of the top ten software houses in Slovakia. The development of software and applications demands the proper tools, and in our case, it is the state-of-the-art technology and methods of development that we mold into our solutions. 

Have a look at this overview of the areas of our expertise in developing custom software.

brief overview of our EXPERTISE

Draft of Enterprise Architecture

Business analysis and creation of enterprise architecture in Archimate notation. 

Data Migration and Transformation

Solutions for the migration and transformation of data, as well as their anonymization and secure transfer.

Orchestration Tools

Tools for managing and controlling IT processes. 

Intranet Solutions

Content management, document management, workflow and plugins for your solutions. 

Electronic Services

Complete creation of electronic services with publishing, and the creation of electronic forms to connections to backend services. 

Electronic Forms and Workflows

Creation of online and offline electronic forms and workflow approval, built into specific solutions. 

Stock Trade Platform

Trading platform with stock trade system integration through FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol. 

Web Portal Solutions

Standard portal solutions with content management, access control and responsive design options. 

Auction Solutions

Solutions for single and multicriteria or parallel auctions. Automatic evaluation of the order of auctions, generating of contracts and reporting.   

Payment Gateway

Integration of bank payment gateways in one place. Support of various payment methods through direct bank interfaces, payment by card or by generating a QR code. The option of configuring the payment gateway form for various business situations. 

Electronization of Procurement Processes

Support of processes for public tenders: dynamic purchasing system, multi-auctions, electronic boards, calendar, inbox, pattern library, and others. 

Subsidy Schemes

Comprehensive solutions for the support of subsidy and grant-awarding, based on announced calls for applicants. The process includes application submissions, controls, and evaluation. 

Electronic Marketplace

A suitable solution for the acquisition of commonly available goods and services that meet the requirements for the awarding of low-value and sub-threshold contracts, as described in the Public Procurement Act.    

eGOV Solutions

Solutions using eGOV and common nodule services, including the creation of eGOV services in compliance with the requirements for information technologies of the public administration.  

Logistics Solutions

Comprehensive logistics solutions with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for the optimization of logistics processes. From a simple mobile application to information-intensive dispatch consoles.   


Central portal enabling the sharing of information about tenders between EU member states, with the support of the CEF-AT automatic translation system. 

Authorization of Documents with Electronic Signatures

Solutions for creating and working with qualified electronic signatures with the use of certified signing components. 

Cross Border Solutions

Transnational, cross-border solutions based on building blocks developed by the European Commission, such as eIDAS, eDelivery, eCodex.  

API Gateway

Solution for the publishing of services with the options of authorization and automatic conversion between REST/SOAP, SAML2 and OAuth2 support.

SAP Integration

Integration to SAP solutions through available API/BAPI with the knowledge of SAP processes and structures.