Software Development


Tailor Made Software - ANASOFTWe create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer requirements and thus able to meet the customers individual needs so that our solutions are both useful and helpful.

Software development and development of software applications have exactly defined methodic for all their phases, covering each category of activities related to analysis, specification, testing, and support.

Integration Solutions

Integration Solutions - ANASOFT

We are aware of the fact that our customers have special processes supported by all kinds of software solutions. Our task is to integrate them in a meaningful unit.

Our system integration ensures that diverse software products share information and that specific business processes profit from this integration.

Customers’ Portals

Customers´Portals - ANASOFT

Arriving technologies bring new possibilities in customer relationship management. Customer portals serve for effective communication with clients.

However the possibility of customer self-service incorporates integrated key backend systems which provide personalized information, offers and services.