System for apartment administration

Property management

The DOMUS information system is a comprehensive solution for the administration of apartments, non-residential spaces and heat production. The administrators of more than 800,000 apartments have already taken advantage of its benefits. DOMUS is a comprehensive, open and secure modular system which follows the development of market requirements and legislative changes.

Controlling consumption

Energy costs are among the most expensive expenses for homes and businesses and finding ways to reduce them is essential. One solution is to monitor consumption through a wireless internet meter. Readings can be taken anytime, at any interval on your personal computer, telephone or tablet.

POSCHODOCH.sk portal

This portal is the online solution for apartment administration. It provides you with a perfect overview of all financial and technical data related to your apartment or house. Display information from your administrator, check regulations and calculations and invoices – transparent reports, notifications from your administrator, forums, bulletin boards, surveys, electronic invoices and much more. Sign up today and get all of your home expenses under control.