Will the fifth industrial revolution save the world?


The topic of the fourth industrial revolution is on the agenda more and more often. It appears almost every day in the media, but industrial companies are addressing it too. Some of them already show the introduction of autonomous self-regulation of production lines, which is possible due to the fact that the individual production machines communicate with each other.

Industry 4.0 the Main Topic at the Davos World Economic Forum


More than 2,500 participants worldwide – including the world elite met on January 20- 23, 2016 at the 46th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The automation of manufacturing and the onset of the new industrial revolution was the main agenda.

Informatization in Industry – Art Better Times on the Horizon?


The 2015 Production Management Conference, which focuses on performance improvement and the development of corporate culture, was held on November 3 and 4, 2015. IPA, one of the leading companies in Central Europe in the field of consulting, education, design and research for the industry was the organizer, and for the fifth consecutive year, ANASOFT was a significant partner.

Three Acronyms that Every Good Production Manager Should Know


In most manufacturing companies we encounter various IT acronyms – SCM, WMS, APS, ERP, MES, CMMS, SCADA, QMS... And most of us are confused. And that includes experienced production managers. First of all, they have to take care of stable production – to ensure that the products are of a good quality, supplied in a timely fashion, and properly manufactured. This takes time. No wonder selecting the IT system that is truly necessary to accomplish these goals is so difficult.

Improving the Efficiency of Sugar Beet Logistics Key Aspects of Implementation


Sugar is a commodity that fights for its clients mainly by price. Consequently all logistics expenses that are embedded in the final product may increasingly determine the competitive position of any sugar producer. This paper deals with practical aspects of implementation of modern technologies in the process of increasing of efficiency as well as the automation of beet supply management in the environment of a sugar beet campaign.

3 Reasons why Electromobility Has a Place in the Future World of Motoring


In 2011, when Barack Obama declared that a million electromobiles would be driven in the United States within 4 years, he had no idea how overstated his predictions were. He based his forecast on massive state support to motivate companies to innovate and consumers to buy electric drive vehicles. Reality did not even come close to the president’s optimistic plans.

Trends and the Future of Industrial Enterprises


For the eighth time, the event entitled Digital Undertaking 2015 raised highly topical questions regarding industrial orientation and development, hot topics regarding the future of enterprises and upcoming changes in manufacturing. Many interesting presentations and accompanying events caught the attention of more than 170 experts. The report from this event was published in the journal Strojárenstvo (Engineering).

Was that a Sugar Beet that Hit Your Car?


Many of us, drivers, know the feeling. During autumn and winter of the so called “sugar beet campaign” you can hardly find anything more “pleasant” than during passing of a truck loaded with sugar beets up to a hilt, suddenly a few lovely spheres get loose... You muster all your F1 skills in order to avoid them in the last second.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Beet Logistics Using Modern Technologies


Organization of inbound sugar beet delivery is one of the main factors affecting the success of a sugar campaign. Considering the importance of continuous supply of raw materials, the main priority of this activity is reliability and robustness to ensure continuous processing, without interruption or irregularities caused by inadequate supply of sugar beets.