E-mobility Regions Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich


Eleven strong partners, among them car producers,  energy supplier ZSE (Slovakia) as well as the Slovenian government will improve the current network of fast charging stations im CEE quickly, this will be done under the lead of VERBUND and should enable a more comfortable use of electric mobility on a day to day basis.

The partners will develop a network of 115 fast charging stations in a multi standard technology. This approach will enable a fast charging for virtually any electric car. The regional fast charging stations in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia as well as the additional charging locations in Germany should enable a cross border travelling for users of electric cars.

About Crossing Borders

The research project Crossing Borders will connect the four E-mobility regions Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. The project was developed as follower project tot he EMPORA lighthouse projects. Target ist the establishment of intelligent cross border systems in the area of electric mobility in the Western part oft he participation countries Austira, Germany and Slovakia. 

ANASOFT developed and delivered the Central System solution for the GreenWay project in Slovakia. The GreenWay Operator system offers an ecological alternative for transportation of goods. Based on a monthly fee it is an electric vehicle and a charging station network infrastructure. This combination allows driving more ecologically, but more importantly economically.

GreenWay Operator will operate a main part of the Slovakian fastcharging network within the Central European Green Corridors project. Users of electric cars with a range of 120 km do already have the possibility to be mobile throughout the country quite well.

About CEGC

IN the project Central European Green Corridors a connected network of multi standard fast charging stations will be established.

Austria: 61, Germany:4, Slovakia:21, Slovenia: 26, Croatia:3 fast charging stations. Any of those charging stations will be usable for customers of all participating countries.

How the GreenWay system works can be seen in this video