Network of Rapid Charging Stations is Growing Fast


Network of Rapid Charging Stations is Growing Fast

Greenway Infrastructure is expanding its network of rapid charging stations by introducing ultra-fast charging as well as rapid charging for a backup battery of electric vehicles.

The European Commission approved a project for building 60 new rapid charging (40-50 kw) stations in Poland for a total of 135. In addition 50 stations for slow charging (7- 22kW) in Poland and 20 in Slovakia will be built. Furthermore, a totally new technology of 10 ultra-fast charging stations in Poland and 3 in Slovakia as well as 10 rapid charging stations for a backup battery in Poland shall be introduced. 

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) announced to the European Commission an approval to the firm of Greenway Infrastructure (GWI) for a project of significant expansion of the network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Central Europe and introduction of advanced technologies for charging in Poland and Slovakia.

Project would result in the first employment of ultra-fast charging stations (up to 350 kW) in Poland and Slovakia and first rapid charging system with a backup battery in Poland. At the same time the number of stations in already existing networks will increase in both countries. This will result in improved access to more customers. In summary, this project will significantly strengthen and enlarge the already existing networks of charging stations in both countries, widen the Pan European traffic corridor for electric vehicles in Central Europe, contribute to lowering emissions and will support the conversion to alternative fuels in the EU. Addressing the challenge issued by Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), GWI received an award of 6 165 496 EUR.

This award confirms the position of GWI as a premier supplier of charging services for electric vehicles in Central Europe, thanks to its advanced technology, reliability and client centered philosophy. 

“Technical perfection and reliability of our network for our customers are our basic priorities,” said Peter Badík, the co-founder of GWI. “We are delighted of the commission’s selecting GWI to introduce ultra-fast charging in our region. This project enables to achieve our common goals – position electrical vehicles as an achievable and reliable traffic choice for increasingly larger portion of the public and reduce air pollution“.

“This investment from the EC, along with recent activities of the Polish government proves, that the market for electric vehicles in this region grows truly quickly“, stated the CEO of GWI Poland. “GWI is prepared to be in the forefront of this growth. Enlargement of our network of charging stations in Poland allows an increase in continuous use of electric vehicles and eliminates barriers of widespread use.”

GWI operates a network of 20 public rapid charging stations in Slovakia currently, to be grown to 30 in 2018. GWI is also building the first comprehensive countrywide publicly accessible network of rapid charging stations for electrical vehicles in Poland.