GreenWay is a Finalist for European Company of the Year


Greenway is a Finalist for European Company of the YearGreenway Operator has been chosen as one of the 9 finalists from over 200 companies from all over Europe for the competition, European Company of the Year for Sustainable Energy.

An expert panel will decide on winners in three categories – companies, the public sector, and consumers. A fourth prize will be awarded by the general public and thus you too can support this project. The winners in all four categories will be announced on June 14th.

GreenwayGreenway has developed a solution which encourages shipping companies to use electro-mobiles. Greenway leases electric vehicles based on the “pay-per-km” principle which enables companies that log at least 350 km a day to save money thanks to lower costs for electricity in comparison to diesel fuel.

In the field of electromobility, ANASOFT works with software solutions. We created a comprehensive control system in the project entitled Green Way, which, in addition to others, provides a constant overview of the status and operation of the entire fleet of electric vehicles which enables its effective management. The system is modular and through the gradual building it reacts to additional IT requirements.  Our headquarters also incorporate intelligent data storage for the monitoring and evaluation of operations and for the processing of invoicing documents.  


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