automated manufacturing management



The aim of the project was to deploy automated management of the manufacturing process in the engineering company TOMARK. The company manufactures products for the automotive industry as well as develops and manufactures sports aircraft. The EMANS operations management system ensures continuous production on the basis of customer orders, recording of measured technological parameters from production equipment for individual products, coordination of material flow through production workplaces, and providing collected and processed data to the company's ERP.

Project Assignment:

  • Increasing plant´s productivity
  • Reduction of equipment downtime due to the lack of material
  • Attendance and performance tracking (OLE)


  • Implementation of Smart Industry system EMANS with the module for maintenance planning
  • Deployment of the internet of things (IoT) and digital twin technology
  • Material flow management in the manufacturing process
  • Digitalization (dematerialization) of working records for accounting purposes  
  • Digitalization (dematerialization) and visualization of work instructions and technical documentation
  • Integration with the company´s ERP system


  • Material and semi-products flow management in the manufacturing process
  • Material flow transparancy 
  • Precise data available about manufacturing processes 
  • Digital material write-off
  • Detailed information about non-manufacturing operations
  • Operating cost optimization due to downtime reduction and prevention of material loss
  • Inventory levels notifications
  • Tracking overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Automation of staff attendance tracking utilizing scanners of biometric imprints
  • Traceability and digital product birth certificate generation


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