Industry 4.0 the Main Topic at the Davos World Economic Forum


More than 2,500 participants worldwide – including the world elite met on January 20- 23, 2016 at the 46th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in DavosThe automation of manufacturing and the onset of the new industrial revolution was the main agenda. 

The high level of automation - EMANSThe high level of automation is a global trend. Manufacturers should jump on the wave of the fourth industrial revolution as soon as possible, since for many of them automation will cancel out the competitive advantage of a cheap labor force.

Virtual companies will not appear from one day to another, and there is enough time to get ready for gradual change. Robots have already taken over some positions in factories and in spite of that there is a shortage of skilled labor in manufacturing.


The introduction of new technology will bring new jobs for young who have been “raised” on information technology. 

We have also noticed signs for the need to use the advantages of a digital companies with our clients. This is a hot topic because of the fact that companies are looking for further opportunities to increase their effectiveness, quality and safety. And from a certain limit, it is technologically almost impossible to accumulate and process information solely with the help of paper or various MS Excel solutions.

Data Collection - EMANSThat is why our clients have decided on the EMANS software solution (MOM solution - Manufacturing operations management). EMANS, a product of our workshop since 2008, helps businesses to increase effectiveness and quality by combining and managing a wide range of processes and equipment.

Now in its 4th generation, it enables the mutual cooperation of machines, manufactured products, information systems (SAP or other ERP systems) and other parts of manufacturing companies, which is a necessary condition on the road to a SMART FACTORY.

Based on our own experience when deploying this IT system in manufacturing companies, we can confirm that all of the technology that is needed for implementation under the Industry 4.0 strategy is already available. We recommend that our customers begin with a simple monitoring of manufacturing, the main benefit of which is the faster and more precise method of acquiring information on manufacturing.


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