Cutting Production Costs


How to manage with a shortage of skilled labor

As the results of the PwC survey have shown, almost half of the manufacturing companies worry about the permanent pressure of automobile producers on improving productivity. Companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled labor and are not able to flexibly react to the increased demand of their customers. And this dearth of skilled labor along with employee turnover during the probationary period have a huge impact on company costs.  

Cutting costs for training – visualization of work operations at workplace

Cutting costs for training – visualization of work operations - EMANS

Using the EMANS (MES/MOM) manufacturing information software through which digitalized work operations can be visualized for the operator on terminals deployed at individual assembly workplaces can be the solution for cutting costs. At the same time, it designs work plans for individual assembly workplaces which define the time sequence of manufacturing for assigned orders.  Such automatic online distribution of orders and the navigation of operators through monitors throughout the entire course of manufacturing enable the company to carry out production even without the lengthy training of new workers.  The operator at the assembly line doesn’t have to think about what type of product is being assembled. He/she can see all the necessary information directly at his/her workplace, so he/she quickly knows exactly what, when and how he/she should assemble.

Effective use of time – elimination of data feeding

The form of the presentation of information to the operator through the information system is much more important than the amount of information. The user’s environment of this information system must be created with respect to ergonomics and the effectiveness of its use.  Thus, obtaining information and recording the description of performed work will not take more time for the operator than actually performing the work.

Eliminating the need for the operator to directly feed operations in EMANS

When implementing the EMANS manufacturing information system designed by ANASOFT, we place the emphasis on intuitive and simple control. Every page and document to be depicted in manufacturing is adjusted to the requirements of the specific type of manufacturing and the specific needs of the customer.  If signals obtained from manufacturing devices can identify sufficient data about the work of the operator, our effort is to eliminate as much as possible the need for the operator to feed data directly.  

Online overview of the current state of manufacturing

On the other hand, information support for executive management, for whom the ability and speed of operative reactions is frequently a priority issue, is equally important. Thus, the shift supervisor, technician and the quality supervisor should always have a good overview of the current status of the manufacturing process.   These users have access to information about the use of individual workers, warnings of the occurrence of emergency situations and various deviations in the manufacturing process in a clear and simple form.  Based on such information, the manager is able to quickly guide his/her workers and to correct the distribution of work.

These forms of visualization of information can significantly accelerate the process of training new employees which, with today’s high turnover, can be appreciated by many manufacturing companies.  This is why the use of technology that provides permanent competitive advantages should be considered by every company.


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