Dedoles and ANASOFT Win the Logistics Innovation of the Year 2020 Award


Dedoles and ANASOFT Win the Logistics Innovation of the Year 2020 Award

Dedoles and ANASOFT have DONE it; the duo has won the Logistics Innovation of the Year award. Excited by the news, the companies acknowledge that the year has been tough, with the pandemic posing great disruptions and challenges in the logistics industry, but with innovations and creativity, they have overcome the obstacles.

This is not the first time ANASOFT has won, but the current award is coming at a time when the world and supply chain management is facing unprecedented challenges. The company has repeatedly succeeded in the competition for the best logistics innovations the LOG-IN Award. ANASOFT won the award in the Project Innovation of the Year category for intelligent logistics and supply automation in an online retailer.

Dedoles and ANASOFT Win the Logistics Innovation of the Year 2020 AwardLogistics and supply chain must constantly face new challenges in a dynamically and globally shifting market. However, the year 2020 brought a brand new set of challenges logistics and supply chains had to overcome. Innovations, digital transformation, and solutions of intelligent automation made a significant contribution to mitigating the crisis and supporting the suitability of operational and business processes. Their importance will continue to rise in the post-COVID-19 era.

ANASOFT has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing innovative logistics solutions to the market. The project of intelligent automation of inventory and warehouse logistics for e-commerce retailer Dedoles made it into the finals of the LOG-IN Award. The competition focuses on the most interesting logistics innovations.

Logistics projects from ANASOFT have been in the viewfinder of the LOG-IN Award since the inception of the award. ANASOFT won the Project Innovation of the Year Award at the inaugural edition of the competition, and in 2019, the company made it among the top three innovators of the year. This year, the project for Dedoles withstood the competition and was voted as the laureate in the Project Innovation of the Year category.

Behind the prestige from being awarded, however, lies an inspiring pandemic success story. Dedoles has achieved tremendous accomplishments over the past year. The company managed to successfully expand to other markets during the pandemic outbreak and is currently operating in twenty European countries.

Dedoles is not only celebrating the award, but also the great achievement that was the fruit of cooperating with ANASOFT. The implementation of an intelligent warehouse and supply management system has significantly contributed to its achievements. Dedoles crossed the threshold of 1,000,000 customers in September and was ranked among Trend Shops 2021 on the German market.

"Dedoles is one of the companies whose strong vision of its founder and CEO, Jaroslav Chrapko, is thrusting into the world at rocket speed. Handling the management of logistics operations whose volume has increased multifold in recent years to more than a million monthly, with agile ambitions for the future, is a perfect IT challenge. We manage to support such dynamic logistics strategies primarily by deploying the latest Smart Industry technologies, such as digital twins and the collective intelligence of software algorithms. We are glad that the professional public also appreciated the innovativeness of the project, which indicates the future of intelligent logistics”, says Michal Hrabovec, the president of ANASOFT.

In addition to the exponential growth of the company, Dedoles dispelled the most common myth about automation – that it deprives people of work. The number of employees in Dedoles has increased significantly over the last year and the recruitment of new staff is still ongoing. The automation of inventory and warehouse management has made the work more efficient and improved productivity, substantially reducing non-productive activities such as unnecessary walking around the warehouse, or interferences between order-pickers.

"The constant innovation of the company's operations is the absolute basis for success. We have been aware of this in Dedoles since the beginning. Making a reasonable WES system was a necessity in a growing business, and we chose ANASOFT to be the partner. We have been facing huge challenges since the beginning of our cooperation. Rapid growth sometimes brings swift changes in assignments and direction. It brings a lot of problems, but so far we have managed to overcome every single one of them together. I am glad that the secondary product of our cooperation is also this award”, adds Jaroslav Chrapko, CEO of Dedoles, adding that great cooperation between the two entities has borne fruit.

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