max out your manufacturing performance with the next-gen mes system

Unleash the Hidden Operational Potential of Your Shop-Floor

Up to 92 % of manufacturing companies do not reach their performance potential due to

  • unsynchronized manufacturing and assembly processes
  • qualified personnel turnover 
  • delayed and inaccurate feeding
  • inadequate enterprise resource utilization

Find out how EMANS MES can assist you in boosting your manufacturing productivity and overall process effectiveness. 

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emans mes will transform your shop-floor

Productivity Increase


35 %

Quality Improvement


34 %

Operational Costs Optimization


16 %

OEE Enhancement


33 %

Inventory Optimization


18 %

Acceleration of Manufacturing Logistics


27 %

Discrete Manufacturing

Food & Beverage Industry

Pharmaceutics Industry




Industrial Machinery

Semiconductor Industry

complete Industry 4.0 inventory for your enterprise

Data-Driven Operational Management

Accurate and on-time data curtain manufacturing time to finish your product and eliminate deviations in the process

Critical Process Control

EMANS MES surveys all the critical manufacturing operations eliminating downtimes and undesirable outages

Digital Lean Management

Lean manufacturing optimizes the usage of your enterprise resources and operating costs

Agile Enterprise Resource Management

Expand your performance potential and production capacity by better deployment of your available resources

Flexible Manufacturing Operations Management

The system reacts immediately to shifting circumstances in your processes and assures timely fulfillment of the production plan 

Hybrid Manufacturing and Logistics Strategies

MES system dynamically adapts manufacturing and logistics processes to your current business priorities, market circumstances, and shop-floor conditions

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key functions for your faultless and on-time manufacturing


You have manufacturing and shop-floor processes always under control with real-time KPI tracking and you are instantly alerted in case of anomalies


EMANS MES controls the key manufacturing processes and accompanying operations  throughout your shop floor and assures their flawless coordination and conformity


Your material, labor, data, energy, and technology resources are always utilized with the utmost effectiveness


Your tools are calibrated according to the latest norms with EMANS MES checking carefully all the material entering into your manufacturing process and making sure the finished products have benchmark quality


Your tools and manufacturing equipment are continually monitored as the system employs a predictive maintenance strategy to prevent unauthorized deviation and unnecessary wear-and-tear


Your staff receives on-time and precise assignments and the system assures the correct execution of jobs without downtimes in compliance with ergonomic norms and safety rules


You cannot run out of stock as the system carefully guards the inventory levels based on the production plans and assures on-time feeding


All your products have automatically generated digital birth certificates with an accurate list of used materials, manufacturing parameters under which they were produced, and participating staff

More functions to make your shop-floor future-proof

EMANS MES collects, monitors, and evaluates your production and business data. Your managers and supervisors have accurate and unambiguous information immediately available for correct decision-making. At the same time, the system uses this data to plan resources and manage processes in your operation.

  • Creation of complete digital birth certificates 
  • Tracking of material and components in intra-company flows
  • Detailed recording of production parameters
  • Monitoring and writing off stock levels in warehouses, intermediate warehouses, and cross-docks
  • Digital depreciation of used material
  • Automatic batch recording of used materials and components
  • Data collection from machines, tools, and equipment
  • Monitoring the utilization of production and transport facilities
  • Evaluating the overall effectiveness of equipment and tools (OEE)
  • Assessing the efficiency of material use (OY)
  • Transparency and traceability of operators' performance
  • Evaluation of the overall effectiveness of workers (OLE)
  • Monitoring of selected KPI indicators
  • Preparation of reports and analyses

EMANS MES supervises your operational processes and guarantees compliance with standardized procedures in production flows. The system efficiently manages individual operations in your complex processes without the downtime and with the resources available to it. During production procedures, it minimizes waste generation and prevents unwanted leaks and defects. EMANS MES increases your production processes' reliability, flexibility, and safety.

  • Preparation and scheduling of production plans
  • Entering work instructions
  • Visualization of work instructions and production procedures
  • Digitization and making production documentation available
  • Coordination of work assignments in prescribed production sequences
  • Tools and equipment management
  • Management of automation technologies
  • Ensuring proper calibration of production tools and equipment
  • Coordination of internal supply of materials
  • Visualization of the current status of the production plan
  • Emergency notifications and alerts

EMANS MES is constantly under the control of your business resources. It manages material, data, human, technological, and energy resources within the production plan and in a way that contributes to expanding productivity and shortening production cycles.

  • Planning of corporate resources according to production plans
  • Scheduling of company resources according to work assignments
  • Evaluating the availability of production resources
  • Allocation of production resources
  • Tools and equipment management
  • Material flow management

Thanks to the EMANS MES system, your production processes are transparent and any deviations are immediately under your control. In addition to accurate monitoring of quality indicators, performance indicators (KPI), and quality, it ensures a high-quality standard in your production processes.

  • Checking the correctness and error-free input materials
  • Device and tool inspection management
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and record of deviations, errors
  • Management and control of the correct setting and parameters of production equipment
  • Autonomous planning and management of product quality testing according to prescribed technological procedures

The EMANS MES system constantly monitors your tools and equipment. Thanks to operational, planned, corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance, the system prevents unwanted outages and downtime in your production for technical reasons. With precise monitoring and predictive maintenance, the system reduces the failure rate of your equipment.

  • Monitoring of production equipment and tools, transport equipment
  • Collection of machine data
  • Ensuring compliance with the correct calibration of production tools and equipment
  • Planning and management of maintenance based on the collection of requirements for the maintenance of production equipment and monitoring their implementation - operational and corrective maintenance
  • Planning and management of maintenance based on the generation of requirements for the maintenance of production equipment according to the rate of their wear and based on the evaluation of their current workload - preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance - implementation of maintenance based on trend analysis
  • Maintenance planning and management based on the current production plan
  • Planning and managing the conversion of production equipment and tools
  • Workflow visualization for maintenance operators
  • Making technological documentation available for maintenance operators
  • Emergency notifications and alerts

Your colleagues at the operation or production workplaces have work assignments scheduled according to the production plan, and the system automatically assigns the next assignment according to the current situation at the operation. EMANS MES sends them work assignments also according to ergonomic parameters and shows them the relevant work procedures at the production workplace.

  • Record of presence at the workplace
  • Records of qualifications and workers and certificates
  • Access rights management
  • Digital display of work procedures
  • Digital write-off of work and work performance
  • Workload monitoring
  • Distribution of work assignments according to the availability of employees

EMANS MES accelerates material flows in your operation and ensures accurate and timely supply of your production and assembly workplaces. Your in-house logistics are precisely monitored by the system so there are no incorrect pick-ups or pick-ups of semi-finished and finished products.

  • Dynamic management of material supply according to the current state of stocks and the pace of production lines
  • Digital Kanban - autonomous management of replenishment of material at production sites
  • Milk Run 4.0 - planning the delivery and collection of material, components, semi-finished products, and finished products
  • Operational management of automated transport equipment and systems
  • Control of material picking - Pick by Light, Pick by Point, Pick by Voice
  • Visualization of the current status of the fulfillment of supply requirements
  • Control of warehouse and supply of material and components

„As a Tier 1 supplier for the largest automotive companies, we guarantee the highest conformity of wheel assembly parameters on our autonomous production line with an average production cycle of 20 seconds per finished wheel. The detailed traceability of all manufactured wheels and their technical parameters are monitored and detailed by EMANS MES, which also ensures the conformity of all production parameters alongside the precise and timely fulfillment of the production plan“

Tomáš Halenár, Manufacturing Manager

Do you plan to improve your manufacturing productivity or quality?


Root cause identification of scrap or quality defects
Downtime reason discovery
Instant stock status for the upcoming batch
Reasons for delayed manufacturing orders
Logging of precise production parameters on a concrete product
Real-time KPI values
Instant alerts and notifications about anomalies in the processes or equipment
Tracking of manufacturing processes and accompanying operations in real time
Improvement of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
Increase in overall labor effectiveness (OLE)


companies running on emans 

„The system EMANS MES/WES from ANASOFT manages the supply of material for the largest domestic automotive factory plant in real-time, the exact deliveries of the right components are ready for dispatch unto the production lines within 17 minutes of placing the order“

Lubos Konopeus, IT Manager
Schnellecke Logistics

„Thanks to the new operations management system EMANS WES from ANASOFT, we could expand our portfolio of 3,000 different items of fresh food as well as pick large-volume orders for B2B customers and low-item orders for households with same-day delivery in annual volumes of over 50,000 tons“

Stanislav Petrula, CEO

„The intelligent logistics system EMANS WES controls complex warehousing processes in our distribution center, ensuring that every customer order is picked up within a few minutes. Fresh fruit and vegetables shipped in volumes of up to 28,000 crates per day are thus delivered unto store counters within 24 hours after the harvest at local growers“

Daniel Sabel, Project Director

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