The Anasoft is the first company in Slovakia that put the Kinect in the manufacturing. The Emans uses the Kinect from Microsoft for detecting movement of operators in manufacturing. This enables control of manufacturing process by movement, e.g. hand movement. It's exceptional integration of the object recognition technology, communications between human and machine also without the need for the multimedia touch screen.

Solution benefits

  • Reduction in operation time
  • Reduction in burden of the operator

We have experience in deploying this technology in the demanding segment of the automotive industry. In these operations, where most operators handle high-value instruments and products, we meet the need for confirmation of processing operation by gestures (as the confirmation of the operations has been required and operations with respect to the handling of highly sensitive products did not allow for the installation of additional touch devices).

Kinect with EMANS in manufacture

Deployment options

  • Confirmation of the assembly process step by gesture, and change to the next step
  • Confirmation of  the inspection of the quality
  • Acquisition of images of the operator's movement during assembly (inspection)
  • Motion analysis (ergonomics)