eDOMUS – is a mobile app , enabling property managers additional features. The application is for mobile phones connected to the DOMUS system for administering flats. 

Firms dealing with property management can increase productivity of field personnel and thus enhance quality and timeliness of services to clients using Smartphones and Tablets in addition to computer screens.

Using a Smartphone you can access data, access documents, edit information, create new data. The app is available with demo data at the App store after beta testing by our clients. Until then, we are happy to introduce you to the app in a personal meeting. 

Download on Google play| Download on App Store


The portal is integrated into the DOMUS system. We run it on company servers for all customers. There is nothing to install and Customers do not have to expose their networks to the Internet. Easy-to-click navigation displays specific data to flat users or other data for owners and their representatives.

There is no need to visit the portal to add data. Users already run the DOMUS system in Windows and data is automatically updated on the portal, including documents from document management.

Flat users have access to the following:

Individual flat account, Graphs of usage, Annual billing, Building expenses, Repair fund, Inspections, Building bulletin board, etc. 


Modern meter reading is currently performed online. DOMUS supports the direct entry of meter readings into the system, making them accessible to property management company and flat users on the  www.poschodoch.sk portal.

Standard meters with remote reading capabilities are readed by data reading equipment installed in the building. The data readers transmit meter readings on a daily basis to the www.poschodoch.sk portal, which makes them available to flat owners; evaluation and alert features are also supported. User-notification of a water leak is an example of an alert. 


Send SMS messages directly from DOMUS to telephone numbers in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • Sent SMS are recorded in the system along with their delivery dates.
  • SMS reminders automatically propagate the outstanding amount, due date and account number.
  • SMS reminders provide notice of upcoming meetings, utility outages, New Year’s greetings and more. 


Use an Android phone to read meters instead of putting pen on paper. 
The principle is simple:

  • Your information system first generates an electronic meter reading sheet at www.poschodoch.sk
  • The meter reader opens the mobile application, which displays the assigned meter reading sheets.
  • A meter reading is taken in the flat, a photo of the meter itself is taken and email and phone contacts are added.
  • If WiFi is available, status updates with the meter readings and photos are transmitted to your system and the flat owner’s email.

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