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Engage Customers Anywhere

Mobile devices give you the freedom to engage customers wherever they are. In much the same way, SIGNATUS enables legally binding documents to be signed at the point of sale or at a remote location. SIGNATUS also enables offline e-signing when connectivity is unavailable.

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Collect and Protect All Important Data

Leveraging the beneficial features of mobile devices, SIGNATUS captures all customer data needed for complete onboarding, including signatures, pictures, ID scans, voiceprint, fingerprints, and GPS coordinates. This information adds evidential weight that eliminates the risk of signature repudiation and ensures legal enforceability of e-signed documents. When used on Samsung mobile devices compatible with Samsung KNOX Signatus provides military level security and data protection.

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Ensure Authenticity and Integrity

SIGNATUS adds dynamic characteristics (biometry) to handwritten signatures that link the signatory’s identity to the document content. Data captured by SIGNATUS is hashed and encrypted within the PDF to provide proof of authenticity. In addition, digital signature technology detects any attempts to alter signed documents.

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