Benefits of Smart Industry Solution EMANS

Prínosy Smart Industry riešenia EMANS

Smart Industry solution EMANS intelligently manages technological, material, human, data aND system enterprise resources in order to ENSURE COMPANY´s OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE.

The main benefits of the solution EMANS designed according to the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) include:

  • upturn of the overall productivity and efficiency of a factory floor,
  • expansion of manufacturing and delivery potential of the shop-floor,
  • increasing the flexibility and agility of manufacturing processes and logistics operations,
  • improving the safety of processes and the shop-floor environment,
  • curtailing of errors,
  • reduction of waste.

The integration of enterprise resources with the EMANS system brings the company the required access to unambiguous and accurate information - single version of truth. At the same time, the data collection contributes to creating manufacturing processes and material flow transparent.

Dynamic data flows together with unambiguous and accurate data accelerate decision-making on all management levels. Dynamic management of manufacturing and logistics operations in real-time can be achieved by engaging predictive and advanced analytics into decision-making.

The operations management system EMANS enables the optimization of enterprise processes in the areas of:

  • expanding the throughput of material flows,
  • automated inventory regulation according to actual turnover or production plans,
  • elimination of downtime, unproductive operations and activities,
  • acceleration of production cycles,
  • expansion of the company's overall operational agility for the production of variable and personalized and customer-tailored products.

Equipment Performance and Efficiency of Enterprise Processes

+ 18% increase in productivity without changing equipment/processes

+ 30% increase in equipment throughput / uptime

+ 58% reduction in downtime and non-productive equipment operations

+ 20% expansion of production capacity

By dynamically allocating material, human, and machine resources in real-time, Smart Industry solution provides:

  • improvement of the efficiency and performance of manufacturing equipment and tools,
  • expansion of the overall production potential of the shop-floor,
  • expanding the throughput of material flows,
  • and optimization of operating costs.

The system EMANS autonomously synchronizes manufacturing and logistics operations resulting in

  • optimization of supply cycles,
  • and shortening the production lead time.

The solution EMANS significantly reduces downtime and eliminates unproductive operations in the shop-floor processes thanks to data flow automation and dynamic process management.

Product Quality and Conformity of Processes

+ 10% increase in product quality without changing processes and equipment

up to 99% compliance with the established regulations in the manufacturing

up to 99% prevention of defective products


System EMANS supports:

  • formalization and standardization of manufacturing operations and shop-floor activities, 
  • adherence to best operational practices,
  • and fulfillment of defined manufacturing parameters.

The system contributes to strengthening the resilience of production equipment and logistics processes to errors or discrepancies, thus preventing a lower quality in manufacturing.

In addition to ensuring high product quality, the system EMANS eliminates error-rate in material flow management and in-plant logistics with

  • visualization and digital distribution of work instructions,
  • and traceability of individual manufacturing and logistics operations.

The system enables compliance with specific technological or customer regulations and their control. Through effective maintenance planning and immediate notifications when equipment failures should occur, the system prevents unplanned downtime and degraded product quality as a result of insufficient maintenance of equipment and tools.

Process Flexibility and Agile Management

up to 50% optimization of production cycle time

up to 20% reduction in the need for tool change-over

up to 58% reduction in downtime


As a modular and scalable solution, EMANS enables to respond immediately to fluctuation in markets or rapid changes in customer behaviour, as the system autonomously adapts process management to current trends. Virtualization, digital twin technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Services (IoS) increase the agility of manufacturing and logistics processes.

The EMANS system enables the manufacturing of highly variable products in a lot and small-batch production. The system adjusts production processes in real-time in order to ensure continuous operation and meet business goals. Several processes, as well as operational strategies, can run in parallel on the shop-floor, which the system individually and appropriately adapts each one to the type and character of products.

The system EMANS can ensure additional flexibility of manufacturing operations by an immediate changeover of tools according to ongoing production plans. When frequent changes occur in the production plan, the immediate changeover contributes to the optimization of operating costs as well as the time associated with re-adjusting tools and equipment.  

Optimization of Human Resources Management

up to 35% reduction in employee downtime

up to 90% elimination of manual data collection and reporting preparation


EMANS intelligent algorithms optimize the management of allocated human resources and workflows to:

  • achieve a synergic effect in manufacturing and logistics processes,  
  • improve productivity without increasing the number of employees,
  • adhere to best practices in manufacturing operations.

The system identifies the requirements and needs for the performance of work operations and activities in real-time, which it assigns to available employees in order to accomplish even and efficient labour management.

The solution EMANS radically shortens the onboarding of new employees as well as retraining to new or upgraded operating standards and methods. In addition to automating the management of manufacturing operations, the system automates routine decision-making processes for supervisors, allowing them to engage in higher value-added work activities.

Elimination of Waste 

up to 99% digitalization of the paper agenda


The digitalization of work processes leads to the dematerialization of production and the relevant paper agenda, such as:

  • delivery and acceptance protocols,
  • digital issue slips,
  • quality control protocols and certificates,
  • current inventory levels,
  • Kanban systems, etc.

The system EMANS helps to identify the causes of deteriorating quality and helps to prevent their occurrence. The optimization of resources management includes the coordination of material deliveries with actual needs for supply according to the current production plan or turnover of goods what enables to eliminate over-stocking. Waste of material resources and the occurrence of defective products is also prevented by automated planning of preventive maintenance of manufacturing equipment and tools.

On-Time and Accurate Delivery

up to 20% inventory optimization


The automation of material flow management with the solution EMANS leads to the optimization of in-plant logistics in order to ensure the speed, accuracy, and quality of deliveries for the B2B segment as well as direct distribution in:

  • manufacturing and shop-floor logistics,
  • e-commerce,
  • retail,
  • wholesale,

EMANS supports the acceleration of material flows by:

  • demand-driven planning,
  • transparent of in-plant and shop-floor logistics,
  • dynamic coordination of resource management in material flows,
  • automated inventory replenishment based on production plans,
  • predictive planning and scheduling of work tasks,
  • Just-in-Time operational strategy.

With its unique and comprehensive functionality, the system EMANS streamlines delivery cycles and thus expands the overall production potential of the shop-floor.

Product Genealogy and Traceability

up to 90% process visibility and instant access to real-time data and key performance indicators (KPIs)


Digitalization of company data flows enables the system EMANS to create, archive, and distribute detailed electronic records including:

  • parts used for product assembly and their origin in the form of a digital birth certificate,
  • results of quality controls,
  • detailed technological parameters and manufacturing conditions,
  • creating and recording audits.

The traceability provided by the EMANS system enables:

  • easier compliance with prescribed regulations and quality standards,
  • increased security,
  • optimization of costs in the case of non-conforming products,
  • enhanced visibility of the manufacturing cycles,
  • identification of defective parts entering the assembly process,
  • improving manufacturing and logistics planning, 
  • real-time inventory tracking,
  • material expiration tracking.

The basic features of the solution EMANS include

  • quick processing of business data,
  • detailed process monitoring,
  • and accurate evaluation of key performance indicators,

which lead to the acceleration of decision-making on all management levels.

Safety and Ergonomics

The Smart Industry solution EMANS is designed for demanding shop-floor environments. EMANS strengthens the robustness of all the processes it manages on a factory floor, thus ensuring their reliability as well as protection against unauthorized interventions. The system itself and the data it operates with are secured by above-standard protection measures, as well as additional backup.

The system EMANS manages manufacturing and logistics processes according to approved operating standards, thus ensuring continuously more efficient production performance and at the same time strict safety measures of:

  • staff protection,
  • manufacturing tools and material handling equipment, 
  • material and products on the shop-floor.

By managing tools according to approved technological procedures, the system EMANS prevents the occurrence of an accident as a result of:

  • incorrect handling of manufacturing tools or equipment,
  • or performing erroneous work operations.

Furthermore, the solution reduces the risk of work accidents in cases of:

  • changes in technological parameters, 
  • adjustments to operating procedures,
  • or when introducing new operating standards.

The user environment of the system is designed with a regard to achieve the highest possible user comfort regardless of the type of shop-floor.