INTELLIGENT Warehouse and order management without compromise

New generation of warehouse management and execution system (WMS|WES) for dynamic and agile management of warehouses, distribution centers, and shop-floor

Modular intelligent WMS|WES platform for complex warehouse management and material flow control

System EMANS WMS/WES accelerates order picking, improves the management of enterprise resources, increases warehouse throughput, capacity, and performance, streamlines logistics processes, and optimizes operation costs.

one platform for all logistics challenges

Platforma EMANS WMS|WES entails all key logistics processes including:

  • the advanced functionality of warehouse, inventory, and order management (Warehouse Management System),
  • controlled material flow and material handling equipment management (Warehouse Control System),
  • automation of agile task scheduling and real-time resource allocation (Warehouse Execution System),
  • an array of tools for analysis, reports, and planning.

how EMANS WMS|WES works

Industry 4.0 for every warehouse

EMANS WMS|WES is designed in accordance with the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Due to the modularity and dynamic scalability, the system is suitable for every environment. The configuration of the system is tailored for the specific procedures of a company, the unique parameters of a warehouse, and a business model, thus increasing the added value of operational and business processes.


agile warehousing and order fulfillment in real-time

EMANS WMS|WES manages order fulfillment processes and logistics operations in real-time based on the company´s current business requirements and priorities.

Omnichannel logistics and reverse flow management

The functionality and features of the EMANS WES system meet the demanding standards of fourth-generation retail (Retail 4.0) and the demands of omnichannel logistics, including dynamic management of returns, complaints, and reverse flows.

predictive operations management for maximalizes performance

Predictive operations management of the EMANS system maximizes the operational performance by automating inventory slotting and order picking strategies based on the volumes, composition of orders, and the turnover of items.






Performance Increase

50% - 150%

Quality Assurance


Inventory Visibility and Order Status


Downtime Eliminationv


Inventory Optimization


Warehouse Throughput Upturn


  • Cost Optimization
  • Downtime Elimination and Warehousing Improvement
  • Reduction of Over-Stocking
  • Increase of Inventory Reliability
  • Improvement of Inventory Planning Effectiveness
  • Productivity Improvement Through  Paperless Order Picking
  • Order Dispatch Quality Boost
  • Visibility Extension of Inventory and Order Movement
  • Effective and Ergonomic Management of Warehouse Operators


Warehouse Organization

  • SKU Mirroring
  • Reorganization of Inventory Slots
  • Fixed Slotting
  • Dynamic Slotting

Inventory Receipt and Put-Away

  • Sorting of Inbound Material and Goods
  • Management of Manual Put-Away
  • Management of Automated Storage
  • Quality Control

Inventory Management

  • History and Traceability of Inventory Movement
  • Inventory Planning
  • Replenishment Cycles Management
  • Inventory Allocation and Transfer Management

Labour Management

  • Task Interleaving
  • Task Assignment Planning
  • Dynamic Job Scheduling
  • Automated Labor Write-Off

Material Handling Equipment Control

  • Automated Conveyors
  • Vertical Racks
  • Pick-to-Light/Pick-by-Voice Systems
  • AGV/Forklift Navigation

Order Picking

  • Batch Picking
  • Zone Picking
  • Wave Picking
  • Cluster Picking

Extended Functions

  • Cross-Docking
  • Returns
  • Packaging
  • Kitting

Additional Functions

  • Palletization
  • Order Dispatch
  • Cartonization
  • Claims

compariSon EMANS WMS|WES functionality

with Standard Functionality of WMS Products

SKU Mirroring
Combined Slotting Strategies
Hybrid Order Picking Strategies
Inventory Tracking and Turnover Forecast
Demand-Driven Replenishment
Order Management and Picking
Cartonization and Palletization
Scales and Scanners Integration
Control of Conveyors, AGV, AMR, and Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS)



for all types of warehouses

  • Warehouse of Finished Products
  • Raw Material Storage
  • Trans-shipment Station
  • Manufacturing Warehouse
  • FMCG Warehouse
  • Order Picking Warehouse
  • Rack Storage
  • Pallet Storage
  • Flow Rack Warehouse
  • Narrow-Aisle Warehouse
  • Distribution Warehouse
  • Inventory Store
  • Automated Warehouse (AS/RS)
  • Cross-Dock 



“Thanks to the new operations management system EMANS from ANASOFT, we could expand our portfolio of 3,000 different items of fresh food as well as pick large-volume orders for B2B customers and low-item orders for households with same-day delivery in annual volumes of over 50,000 tons.“

Stanislav Petrula, CEO LUNYS

“The system EMANS WES from ANASOFT manages the supply of material for the largest domestic automotive factory plant in real-time, the exact deliveries of the right components are ready for dispatch unto the production lines within 17 minutes of placing the order.”

Lubos Konopeus, IT Manager, Schnellecke Logistics Europe

“The intelligent logistics system EMANS WES controls complex warehousing processes in our distribution center, ensuring that every customer order is picked up within a few minutes. Fresh fruit and vegetables shipped in volumes of up to 28,000 crates per day are thus delivered unto store counters within 24 hours after the harvest at local growers.”

Daniel Sabel, Proeject Director, HORTIM

„In Dedoles, we planned a massive international expansion, for which we needed to be adopted not solely to marketing, but especially all inventory and warehousing processes. Thanks to Anasoft's intelligent warehouse execution management system and warehouse logistics solutions, we are efficiently running multi-channel retail for 20 European countries.“

Jaroslav Chrapko, CEO, Dedoles

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