Company Profile

ANASOFT is a software company with over twentyfive years of experience. We bring innovation to our solutions, as well as our know-how, creativity and latest trends in information technology.

We follow current trends but we also create them. We know the needs of specific business areas and we use our knowledge of the processes in development of new solutions.

We create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer requirements and thus able to meet the customers individual needs so that our solutions are both useful and helpful.

The added value of our solutions is our emphasis on the uniqueness of each customer. An essential part of this process is optimization in every area, increase in business performance and customer profit.

Our solutions for manufacturing, logistics and administrative processes in industry include a wide range of functionalities. By progressive expanding and deploying of new technologies the original software for assembly management became a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) / MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) system. We have experience in production management, smart logistics, IT systems for electric cars.

We have experience in production management, smart logistics and IT systems for electric cars.

ANASOFT builds strong and valuable partnerships with many technology suppliers, many of whom are prominent world leaders.

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