Smart Industry Division

smart industry division anasoft

Smart Industry division of ANASOFT designs, develops, and implements solutions and innovations for smart manufacturing and logistics. Seasoned professionals in IT and engineering with international experiences are providing the services of digitalization, automation, and optimation of operational processes on factory floors and in logistics hubs.

universal smart industry solution

Smart Industry solution EMANS represents a modular operations management system for smart manufacturing and intelligent logistics. New-tech and Industry 4.0 principles guarantee the system´s broad functionality even in challenging industrial environments and factory floors. The solution has wide integration possibilities and scalability regardless of the size and type of enterprise.

ALL-in-one digitalization package

Smart Industry division has been delivering digitalization and automation services in manufacturing and logistics since 2003. Experienced professionals from the division deliver consultations, technical analyses, designs for optimization and project solutions, and project and integration management. Enterprises with implemented EMANS system received period training for users and supervisors, international support and troubleshooting 24/7, cybersecurity of the operations management system, preventive maintenance, and data backup.

inovation, research & development

ANASOFT´s philosophy is continuous development. The company invests into the research of new technologies, its development and further implementation. Besides internal R&D, ANASOFT is closely collaborating with academia and opened up Research Laboratory for AI in Smart Industry. Several R&D projects have been implemented in businesses along with experimental tests of neural networks and a telecommunication solution. The crucial topics that ANASOFT covers are big data (analytics and prediction) and artificial intelligence (AI).


Smart Industry solution EMANS has been deployed in transnational enterprises across the European Union and beyond and has nabbed a handful of accolades among them the LOG-IN Award for Project Innovation of the Year 2018 and 2020, Schnellecke Innovation Award 2014, Porsche Supplier Award 2010, and the system has been the finalist for the IT Product of the Year 2014.