Document Management and Workflow

Document management

A Document Management System (DMS) is a computer system or a set of programs used for monitoring, controlling, circulation and storage of electronic documents and images of paper documents. It includes representation, retrieval, completing, security, archiving, destruction, work flow, authentication and approval of documents.

The most frequent cases for applying a Document Management System

  • Publication of documents, commentaries and commenting, scanning, OCR and archiving of documents
  • Intelligent forms
  • Electronic file, electronic signature, authentication and information security SIGNATUS

Requirements for Document Circulation Management have a broad scope and may generally be divided into several categories

  • Functional coverage of all “life” stages of documents (creation, supplementing, commenting, information flow, filing, storage for the required period)
  • Integration ability (ability to integrate with other systems, multi-functionality and open architecture of services and XML)
  • Security (authentication, support of electronic signature, ensuring the identity of a document during its entire life cycle, ability to audit and monitor selected activities regardless of application)
  • Legislation (e.g. archiving in compliance with effective legislation)
  • Technology (a platform of electronic documents based on accepted open standards, independence of a document in the application, minimization of a user’s restrictions, optimization of the utilization of technical means, and a guarantee of future development and support)

Key security criteria ensured by the document

  • Confidentiality – ensuring a document's content against misuse
  • Access rights -  who is authorized to read, work with, or change a document
  • Responsibility – what was done with a document by the person responsible
  • Integrity - certification that the document was not changed
  • Authenticity – certification of the source of the document
  • Incontestability - ensure that a signatory cannot deny his/her signature on a document