boost your machines and equipment with emans OEE 4.0

Expand operational and machine intelligence. EMANS OEE 4.0 monitors your manufacturing equipment and based on your data improves process management and productivity on shop-floor.

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your shop-floor on emans oee 4.0

Extending Operability of Manufacturing Equipment


18 %

Increase in Operational Productivity


27 %

Improvement of Averaged Equipment PerformanceUpsurge


7 %

Upsurge of Overal Equipment Effectiveness


27 %

Improvement of Production Quality


8 %

Reduction of Unplanned Downtimes


67 %









advanced oee functions for your shop-floor

Tracking Job Orders

EMANS OEE 4.0 tracks job orders on all workstations and you have all the forecasts of order finalization in one place

Digital Write-Off

Material and labor write-offs have not been easier. EMANS OEE 4.0 logs all the relevant data that you can access and analyze anytime

Evaluation of Manufacturing Progression With Production Plans

You always know what is happening on your shop-floor EMANS OEE 4.0 real time tracking and full transparency

Monitoring Machine, Tool, and Equipment Performance

Your tools and equipment are constantly monitored and you are immediately alerted to any anomalies

Automated Data Collection and Analysis

No manual data collection or missing production line information anymore.  You have your manufacturing data available in convenient  and comprehensive dashboards 

Tracking and Evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Your production key performance indicators are updated as the works on the shop-floor progress and you can rely on them for your decision-making

„As a Tier 1 supplier for the largest automotive companies, we guarantee the highest conformity of wheel assembly parameters on our autonomous production line with an average production cycle of 20 seconds per finished wheel. The detailed traceability of all manufactured wheels and their technical parameters are monitored and detailed by EMANS MES, which also ensures the conformity of all production parameters alongside the precise and timely fulfillment of the production plan“

Tomáš Halenár, Manufacturing Manager

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Detailed Monitoring and Reporting of Production Data

You have machines and equipment constantly under control with production data always at hand 

Constant Surveillance of Machinery and Equipment

You will never neglect your manufacturing assets. The system alerts maintenance staff at indications of unusual wear-and-tear

Reduction of Breakdowns and Accidental Downtimes

Detailed analysis of production data helps to prevent breakdowns, accidental downtimes, and unplanned outages

Machine and Equipment Production Maximization

EMANS OEE 4.0 unlocks the hidden production potential of your equipment and maximizes their operability

Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity and Operating Cost Optimization

EMANS OEE 4.0 identifies bottle-necks and  extends your manufacturing capacity

Energy and Waste Reduction

Machinery and equipment are utilized based on actual manufacturing requirements thus avoiding any unnecessary energy consumption and waste production

our solution runs in these enterprises

„The system EMANS from ANASOFT manages the supply of material for the largest domestic automotive factory plant in real-time, the exact deliveries of the right components are ready for dispatch unto the production lines within 17 minutes of placing the order“

Lubos Konopeus, IT Manager
Schnellecke Logistics

„Thanks to the new operations management system EMANS from ANASOFT, we could expand our portfolio of 3,000 different items of fresh food as well as pick large-volume orders for B2B customers and low-item orders for households with same-day delivery in annual volumes of over 50,000 tons“

Stanislav Petrula, CEO

„In Dedoles, we planned a massive international expansion, for which we needed to be adapted not solely to marketing, but especially all inventory and warehousing processes. Thanks to Anasoft's intelligent warehouse execution management system and warehouse logistics solutions, we are efficiently running multi-channel retail for 20 European countries“

Jaroslav Chrapko

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