At ANASOFT, we care about everything. We don’t live in an IT bubble; this was the myth we dispelled from the beginning of our activities. We care about our employees, customers, suppliers, local community and the environment. We continually look for simple and sustainable solutions which make life more pleasant and improve our environment.

We continually look for eco-improvements. Thanks to the ideas and work of ANASOFTies we have built our own composting stations, planted trees and herbs and we nibble on strawberries growing on our terrace. We recycle waste as best as possible, use printers minimally, but when we do end up with scrap paper, it goes straight to the children for drawing. Our software solutions provide digital transformations, and it is great that our offices are gradually becoming greener, healthier and more modern.


what we HAVE achieved, WHAT WE WOULDN’T MIND MIND IF YOU DID as well:

Eco-campaigns in ANASOFT

Every year we organize an eco-campaign aimed at improving the environment within the company and its surroundings. The campaign lasts two months and we try to apply each activity to our daily ANASOFT life.  

Hot chocolate on every Wednesday in our own cups

Hot chocolate served in ANASOFTies’ own cups. This sweet benefit is offered at ANASOFT every Wednesday and as part of our campaign, we gave up the use of paper cups and spoons. 

Second life for scrap paper

Even though we use printers minimally, we can still give paper a chance. For example, as a canvas for the beautiful drawings of our ANAchildren… of course, in accordance with GDPR. 

We like to support local and ecologically thinking entrepreneurs

We not only create innovations, we live for them, and so we invite original suppliers to participate in various events. For example, cyklo streetfood – Slovak Hotdogs. 21 year-old Martin Jakubis created a bicycle from which he offers Slovak hotdogs. 

Surplus from the gardens of our ANASOFTies to our gardenless colleagues

When our gardens flourish and we’ve filled all of our jam jars, we happily share our surplus fruit and vegetables with our colleagues who don’t have gardens and who can enjoy tasty produce from a reliable source.  

We make use of coffee grounds

Each day at ANASOFT, we drink more than 200 cups of coffee. So, we decided to add the coffee grounds to our composter; some ANASOFTies even take them home and spread them in their gardens. The grounds serve as an eco-fertilizer and repel aphids and snails.  

Bird baths

We protect even the smallest, fine feathered chirpers. Hydrating, especially in summer, is tough for birds too. That’s why we’ve placed stylish bird baths on our terraces.    

Earth hour

At that time, we turn off all the lights in our building in solidarity with our partners around the world, and no one leaves the office without turning off their computer screens and printers. 


It is the most natural method of dealing with organic waste. If our ANASOFTies want to be ecological not only at work but also at home, they can use the company composter. 

You don’t have it, make it

A little bit of programming enthusiasm, a few stolen moments to do some on-line “how-to” searches, approximately a liter of sweat during the assembly of one’s own 3D printer, a handful of soil and a couple of stonecrops and even you can show off these beautiful planters. So if you’re missing something for your eco-activity, all you need to do is print… 

Community garden

We improved our terrace at ANASOFT by adding a beautiful flower-fruit garden. We regularly take care of it and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Picking a Canadian blueberry and enjoying own-grown strawberries with colleagues at work is nothing new for us.  

Pleasant interiors

We also try to approach interior decorating in an ecological and local manner. We make use of natural surpluses, collaborate with local florists and reach out to Slovak creators for seasonal decorations.

Tree planting

We love trees and flowers. That’s why we have enhanced the ANASOFT surroundings with beautiful and functional bushes and trees. We even have our own fig tree which has heroically yielded its own tiny figs for a couple of years now.

Ecological driving

Ecological transportation is our priority. Apart from software development for a fleet of electric trucks, we also help our employees with the purchase of hybrid cars and electro mobiles. 

We send books to hospitals

The furniture at ANASOFT includes bookshelves bearing works of science, technology and fiction. Every year we send boxes of books to long-term patients in hospitals. 

We love bicycles and scooters

We built a shelter for bikes and scooters and we support the “To work on a bike” international campaign. 

Mugs, mugs galore

With 130 employees, our kitchens can become packed with mugs of all shapes and sizes. That’s why we have filled a number of boxes with unused mugs and sent them to nursing homes and other facilities all over Slovakia. 

Flowers also belong in IT offices

Especially there. Working in front of a computer all day requires flowers and greenery. We care for our flowers meticulously and schedule regular “check-ups” for them several times a year. 

Plastic-free July

We continuously minimize the use of plastic, but any plastic that we do use is carefully recycled. This is also why in 2020 we began to support the international “Plastic Free July" campaign.

World paper-free day

We often take part in international or Slovak initiatives which make sense. World Paper Free Day also symbolizes the direction of the development of our green software solutions.  

Clothing and furniture fundraisers

We organize clothing collections for people in need and whenever we do office renovations we make sure that our discarded furniture goes to people who can really use it.

Daily recycling

We strictly recycle everything we can. Paper, plastic, biowaste, coffee grounds, glass bottles, cans, etc. We know which waste belongs where and we support each other in this activity. 

We eliminated waste paper baskets.

Waste paper baskets are a thing of the past. As a result, everyone gets a bit of physical and intellectual exercise, as they walk from their desks to the recycling bins and decide where to deposit their waste. 

We only wrap gifts ecologically

We take great care when wrapping gifts and promotional materials. Despite the advances in modern technology, it isn’t always easy to find packaging that is both pretty and “eco-positive”.