Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropic activities has become an inherent part of our company since its very beginning. Together with the responsible behaviour towards society, the environment and employees they belong to our overall CSR strategy.

By a long-term development of these activities, our company has acquired a fine reputation and fame. In 2005 and 2006 we were awarded the Via Bona main prize for philanthropic activities and corporate responsibility. In 2010 we were awarded our third VIA BONA award, this time for ANASOFT LITERA in the category Award for a long-term positive influence of a company on society and community.

Based on the partnership with Global Compact, ANASOFT has issued a report on the current activities in the field of CSR.

ANASOFT litera

The most prestigious literary award we have been supporting since 2006 when we became the general partner. The award is granted for the best Slovak prosaic work issued in the previous year. 

Junior Achievement

The leader in business education for students. Here at ANASOFT, we have been organizing the Conference of the presidents of student companies by the program Applied economics since 2005 and since 2015, we have been organizing a Best Business Idea.


Currently the biggest robotic competition for children aged 10 – 16. Ten thousands of children from all over the world take part in the competition every year. We have been supporting the development of the competition since 2010.