Anasoft Literary Prize Announced


The second annual Anasoft literary prize (Anasoft litera) was announced at the famed Mirror Hall of the historical Primate’s Palace (Primaciálny palác).  ANASOFT APR, a firm  known not only in the area of software solutions, but also in philanthropic activities, awarded for the second time the most prestigious literary prize “Anasoft litera” for original Slovak fiction created in previous year.

This year’s winner of the prize in the amount of 200 000 Sk is Marek Vadas author of the book “Liečiteľ” (Healer) published by the publisher KK Bagala/ LCA. The prize, including the financial award was given to the winner by the directors of  ANASOFT APR Michal Hrabovec and Stanislav Čekovský. 

The professional jury consisting of literary experts and book critics has chosen the African stories of Marek Vadas among the ten finalists. The awards media partner, the daily SME, organized readers voting on their Internet site. The most popular book among the readers became Dušan Dušek for the work titled “Zima na ruky” (Cold Hands). The publisher of the winning book received an award in the form of print paper in the amount of 25,000 Sk given by the firm Bratislavská papierenská spoločnosť. 

We at Anasoft are most proud of the effort to increase awareness of Slovak literature, which the prize and the unbiased judging of authors work will hopefully accomplish.


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