SIGNATUS at conference: Innovations in digitized signature


ANASOFT will presented at Conference - Knowledge and information for successful business - Innovations in digitized signatureKnowledge and information for successful business. This business forum brings solutions, advice and experience directly from entrepreneurs, lecturers with practice and many years of experience, sSpace to make new contacts. 

Knowledge and information for successful business

Knowledge and information for successful business - Innovations in digitized signature

The business forum brings:
Solutions, advice and experience directly from entrepreneurs
Lecturers with practice and many years of experience
Space to make new contacts
Platform to share valuable business information
Opportunity for presentation of entrepreneurs and their products
Cross-sectional data from multiple business fields


  • Speaker: Tomáš KLIMEŠ, ANASOFT
  • Speech title: Handwritten digitized signature - Innovations in digitized signatures for the development of SMB
  • Session: BIG HALL
  • Date and time of presentation: Thuersday, May 26 from 9:45 am, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Best Use of E-signature
BNP Paribas Personal Finance company received Kofax award in the category Best Use of E-signature or Signature Verification at Kofax Transform 2015 in Las Vegas. The solution was developed and supplied by Anasoft using Kofax SignDoc technology for capturing biometric features of the handwritten signature on Samsung Galaxy Note tablets.

Anasoft’s SIGNATUS

  • Is a unique e-signature solution for creating and closing legally binding digital documents.
  • Operates on mobile devices independent from back-end infrastructure making it suitable for point-of-sale and also mobile use.
  • Is integrated with data capture tools enabling fast and comfortable filling of document templates. Thus, documents can be created and signed by a handwritten biometric signature anytime, anywhere.
  • Compared to the other electronic signature solutions it offers unrivaled security, compliance, non-repudiation and is the most similar to the traditional paper-based signing ceremony.
  • Available for partners and customers in form of SDK for further integration possibilities, mobile pre-installed ready-to-use application, or in form of end-to-end enterprise solution.
  • Is build on top of the Kofax SignDoc technology.