portal from ANASOFT reached the magic number of two million


Few days ago, ĽudiaĽuď portal reached the magic number of €2,000,000 thanks to all of the donors. This happened exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after reaching one million. ANASOFT ensures proper operation of this modern and technically advanced portal. portal from ANASOFT reached the magic number of two million

While this unique project reached its first million within 3,5 years, the same amount was achieved within another 13 months, which indisputably proves the generosity and solidarity among the Slovaks.

This sum includes more than 88 thousand donations from more than 43 thousand donors.

About the donor portal

ĽudiaĽuď portal is a universal on-line donor system open for all people who need help. The system is based on a possibility of self-organization. It is not the operator who decides which appeals would be published and supported. It is the donors themselves who are crucial for the success and who send their donations directly to a specific donees. Individual donees always receive the full amount of the donation.

Central pillars of ĽudiaĽuď include transparency, forthrightness and efficiency. The whole process of donations is controlled by the public. Everyone can see the exact number of donations as well as how certain appeal has been fulfilled.  Moreover, based on the donation agreement the donors receive, for the period of three years they can request the information on how their donation has been used.