ANASOFT enters the 2016 Employer of the Year competition


Employer of the Year (Najzamestnávateľ 2016), the prestigious public poll organized annually by the employment agency, strives to present a realistic view of the labor market, of how people perceive individual companies, their treatment of employees as well as their image, stability and perspective. The poll measures the level of satisfaction of employees in terms of personal fulfillment, appreciation, career advancement possibilities and others.  

ANASOFT has entered this poll for the first time and will compete for the honor of being named a dream company for employees in Slovakia.

ANASOFT enters the 2016 Employer of the Year competition

The poll works on the principle of votes cast by respondents from the general public who complete the questionnaire published at Respondents will also have the opportunity to explain why they feel a certain company is the best.

How to vote

The respondent selects the sector in the voting questionnaire which is published on the poll website. A list of companies will show up according to the sector and the respondent can select one of them as the most attractive. In the next step, the respondent selects one, two or three options of 12 attributes which he/she appreciates the most. A respondent may only vote only for one company in each sector.

You can vote for ANASOFT on this website.

Here are 8 reasons for voting for ANASOFT as 2016 Employer of the Year