UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. is another company where insurance policies can be signed paper-free


ANASOFT became part of another “paper-free” project involving the digital handwritten signing of documents. Thanks to this project, UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. has become the second Slovak company providing financial brokerage services where not only internal documents can be signed electronically but also insurance contracts of selected insurance companies.

Greenway Switches to VOLTIA for Deliveries via Commercial Electric Vehicles


Greenway transferred its delivery service using electric vans in the 2-3.5 ton category to the independent Voltia company and is expanding in Europe. However, Greenway Infrastructure will continue operating its network for charging electric vehicles.

ANASOFT enters the 2016 Employer of the Year competition


Employer of the Year (Najzamestnávateľ 2016), the prestigious public poll organized annually by the employment agency, strives to present a realistic view of the labor market, of how people perceive individual companies, their treatment of employees as well as their image, stability and perspective. The poll measures the level of satisfaction of employees in terms of personal fulfillment, appreciation, career advancement possibilities and others. portal from ANASOFT reached the magic number of two million


Few days ago, ĽudiaĽuď portal reached the magic number of €2,000,000 thanks to all of the donors. This happened exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after reaching one million. ANASOFT ensures proper operation of this modern and technically advanced portal.

Paperless – everything is under control. Emotions, technology, business.


From the very beginning, companies strive to make their business processes faster and cheaper. The conference entitled PAPERLESS - Everything under Control. Emotions, Technology, Business in Warsaw, Poland tried to answer the question of what actually determines the competitive advantage of companies in the market.

Make your business life easier by using VIATUS Business applications


Find out how to deploy and use corporate applications faster, simpler and with minimum technical care. Join us on June 16th and get inspired by solutions (cloud applications).

GreenWay is a Finalist for European Company of the Year


Greenway Operator has been chosen as one of the 9 finalists from over 200 companies from all over Europe for the competition, European Company of the Year for Sustainable Energy. An expert panel will decide on winners in three categories – companies, the public sector, and consumers. A fourth prize will be awarded by the general public and thus you too can support this project.

A New Service Desk is available for ANASOFT Customers


We have introduced a new channel designated for daily communication and operations with our customers. The new Service Desk, which went live on May 1, 2016, complies with all of the modern registration requirements.

eTour Europe is Up and Running


The third year of eTour Europe, the tour of electric vehicles, started on April 29 in Munich and will end on May 8 in Salzburg. The competing vehicles will travel approximately 5,000 kilometers through 9 countries (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hungary) in 9 days and will visit Munich, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. On the way, they will be recharging their vehicles, which can travel 199 kilometers on a single charge.

Another Year Another Girl’s Day at ANASOFT


The 2016 International Girls in Information-Communication Technology (ICT) Day will again take place under the auspices of Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic. ANASOFT will also open its doors and be ready to show up and coming IT-girls the beauty of ICT.

SIGNATUS at Lexmark Inspire 2016 - Orlando, FL


We were honored to be a part of Lexmark Inspire 2016 and share our experience with integrating Lexmark technology. Experience how easy is WINNING IN THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER with Signatus.

ANASOFT Part of the Event on Making Money in the Clouds


As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, ANASOFT has been given the honor to have a presentation at Microsoft entitled Make Money with Cloud Apps. In the presentation entitled Viatus – Logistics in the Cloud, Anasoft will present the use of clouds in optimizing logistics.