Software house




Handwritten Digitized Signature

SIGNATUS enables the signing of documents directly on visualization equipment – tablet. The handwritten digitized signature is bound only to the electronic document visualized on the tablet. SIGNATUS is a mobile solution with five-level security. Its architecture allows for simple integration in the existing infrastructure. An electronic original of the document is the outcome of such signature.

Logistics optimization

VIATUS is a solution for transportation control in manufacturing and trading companies. It manages the flow of materials for production and simplifies the delivery of finished products. VIATUS introduces a new approach to the transport issues primarily by optimizing processes important for the core-business of the customer. VIATUS changes the reactive question: „What did just happen?“ to proactive: „What should be done in the next moment?“.


The EMANS system is a Manufacturing Execution System aimed at complementing the human operators and used tools, thus providing more quality control and efficiency. Create from every workstation a POKA-YOKE workstation. If there’s such a process or equipment installed, helping an operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka), the workstation lowers the risk to output a faulty product.

Software Development

ANASOFT is a software house. Also for us, uniqueness is the goal in our solutions which we make to meet the needs of our customers. The uniqueness of our solutions is in their added value and efficiency. We are aware that we can offer our customers something extra only with constant professional development.


Recent years have shown the necessity of security enhancement. ANASOFT has been responding to this by building, over the years, a team of professionals specializing in this area. Apart from security aspects, ANASOFT offers a separate portfolio of solutions for each realized project.

Outsourcing IT

We provide professional infrastructure services with fast response time, time coverage (from 8x5 up to 24x7 availability), quality hotline, consulting and support of third-party products. Our services fulfil customers demands with different levels.