What is VIATUS

Logistics Optimization - VIATUS  Logistics Optimization - VIATUS  Logistics Optimization - VIATUS

A supply chain is defined as a system of activities, resources and other elements in which the raw materials are transformed and delivered in form of finished products to the consumer. On its way from raw materials to the consumer the product collects the costs of each stage it passes. The sum of all cost estimates the sales price and so the competitiveness of the product.


Following this logic, the competitiveness of the product is always increasing if the costs of supply chain are reduced, disregarding in which part of supply chain the reduction takes place. A very important rule is that the sum of partial optimizations doesn’t necessarily deliver the optimization of the whole system.

Therefore it is important that the optimization of supply chain is driven top down from a position, where the entire supply chain is visible and possible to influence in a coordinated way.


VIATUS is a software solution for transportation control, which manages the flow of materials for production. It represents a new approach in inbound logistics by evaluating the actual status, business requirements and automatically organizing transport according to the requirements in real time.

VIATUS ensures equal results by using lesser vehicles which in turn significantly reduces total logistical expenses.

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