ADvanced Optimization of BEet Logistics

The Agrana Group is an international company based in Vienna, Austria that produces sugar, starch, fruit preparation, juice concentrate and ethanol fuel. 


Agrana is an important supplier to international food industry, running around 50 facilities all over the world, including a sugar mill Slovenské cukrovary in Sereď, Slovakia. 

Based on the references the company decided to optimize supply of raw materials by partnering with ANASOFT, a firm demonstrating the necessary know-how in the area of transportation logistics, mathematical modeling and appropriate technologies.



Based on the above requirements ADOBEL – ADvanced Optimization of BEet Logistics has been created – a safe, mobile, easy-to-implement solution that is based on

  • Tablets for vehicles and harvesters with constant connection to the plant
  • Application for creating routes – ability by the dispatchers to specify safe and acceptable routes to loaders and the plant 
  • Central dispatching application running in the cloud environment providing management with a view of campaign progress from any location 

VIATUSMajor benefit of the solution is the optimization engine which on the basis of real time information calculates the minimum number of vehicles needed for the planned amount of raw materials and automatically assigns shipping orders to individual vehicles without the need of a dispatcher intervention. Thus a regular rate of commodity supply is assured and local exceptions due to vehicle congestion reduced lowering transportation as well as operating costs. 

The optimization engine also brings reduction in the amount of raw materials that need dual manipulation in creating an emergency supply at the plant yard. Combined with a need for lesser number of vehicles the result is an additional cost reduction. 

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