Smart Logistics of Sugar Beets for Agrana Group


AGRANA Beteiligungs AG and its daughter sugar mill in Slovakia decided to launch a pilot project for optimization of sugar beet logistics. Beet as a fragile comodity and sugar refinery as a continuous-production facility put high demands on reliability and efficiency of transporting beet from field to factory.


AGRANA decided for a scientific approach hiring a professional consultancy firm to evaluate optimization potential. Later AGRANA chose ANASOFT to bring the theoretical model into a solution.

ANASOFT made best use of its wide systems integration expertise by designing and developing a solution that combines:

  • Android-based interactive on-board units
  • Advanced telemetry and real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Customized navigation
  • And the mathematical model for controlling the fleet

The cloud-based solution ADOBEL (advanced optimization of beet logistics) provides real-time overview of the fleet and its utilization for the dispatcher, navigates drivers of all deployed vehicles via customized on-board units, and generates clear reports available via web portal to all stakeholders.

The solution runs on Windows Azure cloud service which eliminates IT involvement, ensures high availability, and enables pay-per-use model reducing operational expenses to the harvest season only.

ANASOFT continues on the roadmap of developing additional modules for more advanced management of vehicles (fleet) and on-board mobile units (currently 7` Samsung tablets); Work order management; What-if simulation; BI & Reporting, Bring Your Own Device, et al.