Ecological Solution GreenWay Expands to Austria


GreenWay Operator a.s. runs its network of electromobiles (electric cars) thanks to the IT central dispatch system from ANASOFT. Austria is a country that strongly favors ecological solutions, and Schachinger, one of the largest Austrian logistics companies, has decided to introduce its first electric van to its fleet. We are pleased that it will become the first of GreenWay’s many Austrian customers. We are also pleased that another language version of our software can be created.   

In the near and mid-term future, the technological progress in electromobility will also improve the quality and price of electromobiles, which will open new possibilities for Green Way – the creation of a network and services for electromobiles. Green Way’s services integrate all of the elements of electromobility in one compact system – a network of charging stations and stations for replacing batteries, electric energy for cars, electromobiles themselves and an information system that connects all of the individual elements and provides added value to customers.

The comprehensive management system developed by ANASOFT provides a permanent overview of the status and operation of the entire fleet of electric cars, and thus effective solutions at any time. The system is modular and designed to react to additional IT requirements through its gradual development.  The center also includes intelligent data storage for the monitoring and evaluation of operations and for processing invoicing materials.