eTour Europe is Up and Running


eTour 2016The third year of eTour Europe, the tour of electric vehicles, started on April 29 in Munich and will end on May 8 in Salzburg.

The competing vehicles will travel approximately 5,000 kilometers through 9 countries (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hungary) in 9 days and will visit Munich, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna.

On the way, they will be recharging their vehicles, which can travel 199 kilometers on a single charge.

ANASOFT is indirectly involved this tour since it is a partner of the civic association Next Opportunity for the World – a group of young electromobility enthusiasts who are participating.

In the field of electromobility, ANASOFT works with software solutions. We created a comprehensive control system in the project entitled Green Way, which, in addition to others, provides a constant overview of the status and operation of the entire fleet of electric vehicles which enables its effective management. The system is modular and through the gradual building it reacts to additional IT requirements.  Our headquarters also incorporate intelligent data storage for the monitoring and evaluation of operations and for the processing of invoicing documents.  

Technological progress in electromobility will improve the quality and price of electric vehicles in the short to medium range. This opens possibilities for Green Way, whose services integrate all of the elements of electromobility in a consistent system  – a network of charging stations and battery swapping stations, electricity for vehicle drive, electric vehicles and an information system which unites individual elements and creates further added value for the customers.

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eTour 2016Next Opportunity for the World

The non-profit organization Next Opportunity for the World is a partner of several international organizations involved in various projects oriented on the support and development of electromobility. It strives to support the development and promotion of electromobility, educate children and young people, disseminate knowledge from science and technology and support development in the use of renewable energy sources.
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