Optimizing the Logistics of a French Sugar Mill Network


VIATUS: Optimizing the Logistics of a French Sugar Mill Network

Thanks to significant references from the European sugar industry, ANASOFT prepared a logistics optimization analysis for another group of sugar mills, this time in France.  

Thus, we enabled the Tereos sugar mill network to prepare for the implementation of a unique solution for the management of sugar beet collection– VIATUS.

Providing answers to questions is part of the logistics optimization analysis:

  • Assessment of desirable delivery time VIATUS: Optimizing the Logistics of a French Sugar Mill Network
  • Identification of delays of each vehicle in terms of driving time and loading time
  • Calculation of the system stability and lost hours per truck per hour
  • Identification of fluctuation of delivery and unloading depending on working time and other parameters
  • Time-based performance of loader
  • Number of non-economical downtime hours of vehicles
  • Value of overall loss (in hours and Euros) per sugar beet harvest campaign

Optimal delivery period in comparison with reality after deploying the VIATUS solution

Expected savings after deploying the VIATUS solution

VIATUS is a unique software solution for optimizing the logistics of the closed delivery or distribution of materials /products. It simplifies and optimizes the work of the dispatcher as well as the overall logistics process. VIATUS is able to assess the current status and needs of the company in real time and to automatically organize transportation according to required criteria.  

VIATUS is ideal for:

  • Dynamic planning of vehicle fleet size
  • Online checking of sugar beet supply (trucks, loaders, power shovels)
  • Calculation of minimum required vehicle fleet size in real time to ensure that the needs of the producer are met according to current transportation conditions
  • Studying the undesirable status of sugar beet transportation in real time
  • Monitoring of loading process where the causes of the reduced performance of the loader can be identified, and improving its use where possible
  • Acquiring great savings potential

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