Greenway Switches to VOLTIA for Deliveries via Commercial Electric Vehicles


Greenway transferred its delivery service using electric vans in the 2-3.5 ton category to the independent Voltia company and is expanding in Europe. However, Greenway Infrastructure will continue operating its network for charging electric vehicles.

Greenway Switches to VOLTIA for Deliveries via Commercial Electric Vehicles

Entrepreneurs on Western Europe markets have noticed the deterioration of air quality in cities and they see the use of electric vehicles as a solution. However, high initial investments discourage them from driving electric vehicles. This obstacle disappears with the lease of electric vehicles from Voltia.  

Voltia provides logistics companies with solutions that are customized to their individual needs. The service includes route analysis, the lease of the most suitable electric vehicle, access to the charging infrastructure, electric energy, service and maintenance and professional customer support.  As a result, logistics companies should be motivated by environmental concerns and the simplicity of this solution which transfers responsibility to the operator, as well as savings in overall operating costs in comparison with ICE-equipped cars.

Voltia is the pioneer of the business model concerning the use of electric delivery in which it offers commercial electric vehicles as a service. The large scale deployment of electric vehicles in logistics fleets has become a risk-free and cost effective alternative thanks to Voltia.

Greenway launched the use of electric delivery vehicles in 2011. It also built up the infrastructure for electric vehicles, thanks to which Slovakia was the first company in Europe to have a network of fast-charging public stations up and running.  The comprehensive control system designed for Greenway by ANASOFT takes care of the continual overview of the status and operation of the entire electric fleet.

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