ANASOFT - Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016


ANASOFT - Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016 AwardMicrosoft recognizes its partners. The 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year award winners were selected from among 2,500 nominations from 119 countries. And we won this award in 2016.

Microsoft prefers cloud solutions based on its MS Azure platform and our VIATUS won the award for the success it achieved.

Thus, we have become a globally important player in the field of smart-logistics solutions run on Cloud. This award only confirms that we’re doing the right things, and our thanks go to the entire VIATUS team.

ANASOFT, a significant local Microsoft partner, developed the VIATUS for logistic optimization, solution based on the highly available cloud environment of the Microsoft Azure platform.

The dispatching console, planning interface, central system and mathematical module are deployed and maintained within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

This solution represents a completely new approach to the issues related to the logistics of the collection of raw materials because it is able to assess a company’s current status and needs in real time and automatically organize transport according to the requested criteria.  

Benefits of the VIATUS solution:

  • Reduction of logistics costs
  • Reduction of the number of vehicles necessary at one time
  • Reduction of the idle time of drivers and empty vehicle rides
  • Reduction of stress on dispatchers due to the elimination of non-standard situations
  • Monitoring of obligatory and unplanned interruptions without putting the supply at risk  – overall increase of raw material transport performance
  • Prevention of the degrading of raw materials by eliminating reloading   

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