Three Stages of the Tour de France with Us


We are extremely proud that the Etixx - Quick-Step team, which is sponsored by GreenWay, is part of the Tour de France, the most famous cycling race in the world. Greenway operates its fleet of electric automobiles with the assistance of ANASOFT’S IT system.

Ecological Solution GreenWay Expands to Austria


GreenWay Operator a.s. runs its network of electromobiles (electric cars) thanks to the IT central dispatch system from ANASOFT. Austria is a country that strongly favors ecological solutions, and Schachinger, one of the largest Austrian logistics companies, has decided to introduce its first electric van to its fleet. We are pleased that it will become the first of GreenWay’s many Austrian customers. We are also pleased that another language version of our software can be created.

E-mobility Regions Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich


Eleven strong partners, among them car producers, energy supplier ZSE (Slovakia) as well as the Slovenian government will improve the current network of fast charging stations im CEE quickly, this will be done under the lead of VERBUND and should enable a more comfortable use of electric mobility on a day to day basis.

Electric Vehicles for B2B


The GreenWay Operator system offers an ecological alternative for transportation of goods. Based on a monthly fee it is an electric vehicle and a charging station network infrastructure. This combination allows driving more ecologically, but more importantly economically.

Smart Logistics of Sugar Beets for Agrana Group


AGRANA Beteiligungs AG and its daughter sugar mill in Slovakia decided to launch a pilot project for optimization of sugar beet logistics. Beet as a fragile comodity and sugar refinery as a continuous-production facility put high demands on reliability and efficiency of transporting beet from field to factory.