Logistics effectiveness

VIATUS is for you if

  • You own or utilize larger number of vehicles assigned for transportation of freely loaded goods or materials
  • You transport a large volume of raw materials, such as agricultural commodities, for processing or storage at your facilities
  • You are a firm transporting inbound raw materials by trucks in an uninterrupted regime or during peak seasonal processing
  • You are logistic specialist managing campaigns and projects not necessarily with your own fleet but by hiring suppliers for your own clients
  • You wish to maximize utilization of vehicles, increase efficiency of your logistics and minimize down time
  • You need to monitor and also manage trips of your vehicle fleet VIATUS      
  • You always need to know exactly how many vehicles you really need
  • You need a precise overview of trips of each vehicle

Components of VIATUS

  • Tablets or smartphones using the Android operating system (both Kiosk mode and BYOD)
  • Central application in a Cloud infrastructure with a unique mathematical model and engine for optimization
  • Dispatcher management console on a PC or similar device
  • Environment for already existing systems

Are you considering optimization of your vehicle fleet? Do you wish to increase effectiveness of logistics at your firm?