How VIATUS works

Effective Management

Dispatcher utilizes tools for clear overview and simple management of transport. System automatically follows directives and makes decisions to fulfill all requirements and criteria set up by the dispatcher:

  • Required volume of goods to be transported
  • Plan of equipment at each facility
  • Utilization and number of vehicles, and number of trips

How VIATUS works  How VIATUS works  How VIATUS works

How VIATUS works  How VIATUS works  How VIATUS works

Dispatcher is provided with a simulator showing how his plan in a real situation would be executed. He can fine tune transportation plan before issuing orders to vehicles.

Following setup of all requirements in the simulator, VIATUS calculates minimum number of vehicles required for plan execution. After acceptance of all parameters the system proceeds to automatically manage the complete transportation plan. During the operation, the dispatcher can modify the plan as required and the system will always conform to changes in the field.    

VIATUS performs the main tasks while the dispatcher will concentrates only on the unavoidable situations. 

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