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ANASOFT is a software company with over twentyfive years of experience. We bring innovation to our solutions, as well as our know-how, creativity and latest trends in information technology.

We follow current trends but we also create them. We know the needs of specific business areas and we use our knowledge of the processes in development of new solutions.

We create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer requirements and thus able to meet the customers individual needs so that our solutions are both useful and helpful.

The added value of our solutions is our emphasis on the uniqueness of each customer. An essential part of this process is optimization in every area, increase in business performance and customer profit.

Our solutions for transportation control optimally manages transport of freely loaded materials or bulk commodities while significantly reduces number of downtime and ensures better utilization of vehicles.

We have experience in production management, smart logistics and IT systems for electric cars.

ANASOFT builds strong and valuable partnerships with many technology suppliers, many of whom are prominent world leaders.

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Although the VIATUS solution is a standalone solution, running independently of existing infrastructure, it is at the same time able to connect to external systems such as ERP systems and external weighing systems. VIATUS development is based on first class and highly available cloud environment of the Microsoft Azure platform.

The VIATUS front-end mobile devices, equipped with an Android OS, ensure real time 24/7 communication with vehicles of the fleet, as well as a return communication to a central system. To guarantee regular, highly stable and highly accurate data communication, ANASOFT decided to use the best-of-class products of Samsung tablets.

Microsoft Azure platform - VIATUSCentral VIATUS dispatching application deployed in the cloud environment is providing management with a view of the sugar beet campaign progress from any location. To that end the MS Azure Cloud, Mathematical Logistics, Planning and Work Order Management is utilized. VIATUS architecture consists of basic VIATUS application components – all deployed and maintained within the MS Azure cloud environment.

  • Logistic mathematics – the “brain” of the whole solution, which takes real-time decisions to manage drivers and execute the sugar beet campaign
  • Application servers – dispatching console, planning interface, campaign configuration
  • SQL server – central data collections containing monitoring and operational data from the whole fleet
  • MAP environment – server applications for designing truck routes for the fleet operation

Visit the Microsoft Solution Book to gain additional information and confidence. 


Samsung SEAPAccess to relevant information in real time and from anywhere, where the responsible person have all the necessary information for the proper decisions. Predictive problem solving means, that VIATUS calculates what scenarios might happen in the future.

To ensure non-stop data communication flow while driving a truck, loader, or even a harvester vehicle in the field, we rely on stable and functioning tablets and smartphones devices running for several months without being switched off.

Visit Samsung SEAP portal (Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program) to obtain additional information.