Consumer loan contracts and customer onboarding at partner points of sale

Cetelem - BNP Paribas Personal Finance, multiple countries

Cetelem: Dematerialization of customer documentation, improved cash flow of retail partners

  • Single-purpose Samsung tablets used for e-signing and scanning of customer documentation 
  • Increased customer satisfaction, shorter time-to-money for retail partner, significant operational savings for Cetelem
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Digitizing acceptance protocols and document archiving 

Samsung, Germany

Samsung: Digitalization of Acceptance Protocols and Document Archiving

  • Handover process executed and signed by the car, incl. documenting defects using mobile device
  • Improved back office workflows and collaboration by sharing digital files and eliminating paper

Investment contracts easy and fast

Şeker Yatirim, Turkey

  • Şeker Yatirim: Investment contracts going paperlessScoring and onboarding of new clients with Samsung tablets used at points of sale or in the field
  • Electronic signing transforms the way Seker Yatirim communicates with clients and provides competitive advantage
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Sales, rental and training of medical equipment

Keller Medical, Germany

  • Keller Medical: Sales, Rental and Training of Medical Blood Equipment Digitally signed agreements, handover and acceptance protocols help to increase sales productivity
  • No paperwork during product training as e-Signature increases the participants comfort level

Paper-free energy contracts 

ENERGO-PRO, Bulgaria

  • ENERGO-PRO:We Sign Energy Sales Contracts Paper-Free on Tablets Complete contract documentation designed and signed at customer's home using Samsung tablets 
  • Handwritten digital signatures speeds up communication and provides a unique competitive advantage 

Private bankers sign investment documents on a tablet at client’s premises

ČSOB Bank (KBC Group), Czech Republic

  • KBC: Private bankers sign investment documents on a tablet at client’s premises"We digitized investment documents for private bankers, enabling their e-signing at clients' premises even without internet access
  • "By using electronic documents we speeded up and simplified investment processes of our private banking group"

Electronic contracts signed on a tablet  

ČSOB Leasing (KBC Group), Slovakia 

  • KBC Leasing: Electronic contracts signed on a tablet ČSOB Leasing helps its resellers implement a paperless contracting system to digitize signing of lease agreement documentation at the reseller points of sale
  • By adopting paperless processes ČSOB speeds up the sales process and reduces costs related to handling paper

Commercial contracts – signing documents in the field

SLOVAK PARCEL SERVICE (Österreichische Post AG), Slovakia

SLOVAK PARCEL SERVICE: Commercial contracts – signing documents in the field

  • Flexibility of sales representative to close deals and sign contracts directly at clients’ locations
  • Moving paperwork into digital, reducing reaction time, improving back office workflow
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Point of delivery – signing documents delivered by courier

ReMax Courier Service, Slovakia

ReMax Courier Service: Point of delivery – signing documents via courier

  • Courier delivers a mobile operator's documents to be signed at customer's doorstep using a secured device
  • Fully paperless process eliminates the need to print, sign, deliver, and scan contracts enabling faster delivery of services and streamlined operation
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Paperless Asset Management

T-Systems, Slovakia

T-Systems: Assets’ documents - internal documents signed electronically by hand

  • Digitally signed Handover protocols facilitate archiving and retreival 
  • Employees sign documents using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices with S pen 


Proof of service delivery 

Linde Material Handling, Slovakia

Linde Material Handling: Digitization of service-related documents generated in field

  • Work delivery protocols of mobile service engineers signed on tablets
  • Less paperwork gives service engineers more time to spend with customers while enabling faster invoicing


Paper-free recruiting and selection of job seekers

AGENTURA PLUS, Czech Republic

  • AGENTURA PLUS:Recruitment agencies are getting rid of paperThe integration of our two solutions (FINUS ERP and SIGNATUS) did away with paper documentation related to job seekers, increased customer convenience and simplified the work for the agency staff.   
  • The signature solution on tablets has also opened other possibilities for recruiting and selecting applicants in the field.
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Electronization of contractual documents by independent financial brokers

Broker Consulting, Slovakia

  • Broker Consulting:Electronization of conctractual documents by independent financial brokers The introduction of handwritten signatures eliminated the production of paper-based documentation.
  • The switch to electronization accelerated and simplified the contract concluding process while also providing clients with more flexibility. 

Digital signing of asset management protocols

eDocu, multiple countries

  • eDocu: Digital Signature of asset management protocolsBy integrating electronic signing on tablets with their system eDocu significantly enhanced their asset management solution
  • Clients of eDocu benefit from increased security and simplified paperless workflow

Paperless supply and distribution of goods directly to the client 

Lunys, Slovakia

  • Lunys: Paperless supply and distribution of goods directly to the client The electronization of delivery documentation and complaint and return forms made control and invoicing processes more effective.
  • The introduction of electronic signing on tablets minimized the loss of documentation, accelerated invoicing and improved the company’s cash flow.

Electronic signature of acceptance protocols at client’s premises

UNIVERSAL Brokerage House, Slovakia

  • UNIVERSAL Brokerage House: Electronic signature of acceptance protocols at client’s premisesDigitized signature of documents in a face-to-face scenario
  • By implementing digital signature, documents of Universal and its partners are processed more easily and much faster
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